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Can Nike Shox, selected by Supreme and Martine Rose, make a comeback? |Nike|Supreme_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Can Nike Shox, selected by Supreme and Martine Rose, make a comeback? |Nike|Supreme_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

Original title: DJ Soda frequently steps on his feet. Can Nike Shox, selected by Supreme and Martine Rose, make a comeback again?

Designer Martine Rose and her eponymous label have recently returned to the center of fashion buzz.

At the London Fashion Week not long ago, Martine Rose finally presented the latest 2023 spring and summer series in the form of a show after two years.

The reason why this show has made Martine Rose widely discussed is because LV CEO Michael Burke appeared in the front row of the audience at the show. For a while, Martine Rose “succeeded Virgil Abloh” and “the best candidate for LV creative director” rumours abounded.

Whether it is the interpretation and interpretation of youth culture, popular subculture, or the integration of current fashion elements, Martine Rose does have many similarities with Virgil.

In addition to this heavy rumor, the Martine Rose show is also full of highlights, including the debut of the latest Nike shoes.

On the basis of the original Nike Shox R4 shoe shape, through the elongated shoe body and the square pointed design like a leather shoe, the heel still retains the iconic cushioning air column of the Nike Shox series, remodeling it with a new fashion appearance. These retro sneakers.

This is not the first time that Nike Shox has appeared on the show field. As early as Comme des Garçons Spring/Summer 19, Nike Shox Total in classic all-black and all-white color matching is full of high-end feeling under the chain embellishment with Comme des Garçons logo.

Coincidentally, Supreme also released the latest collaboration series with Nike in the latest 2022 Spring/Summer Lookbook, and the most popular joint shoes also used Nike Shox Ride 2 shoes as the blueprint for creation.

Different from the Shox R4 shoes that Martine Rose chose, the overall mesh body of Ride 2 is more sporty, and the Supreme LOGO on the heel air column and the unique bright color matching add more street flavor to this pair of sneakers.

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From the high-end fashion show to the street brand that symbolizes rebelliousness and rebelliousness, the frequent appearance of Nike Shox shoes with exaggerated outsole and retro sports genes makes us wonder why we choose it as the object of our own reinterpretation?

The first Nike Shox product was launched in 2000, and the model is the “R4” that is now reshaped by Martine Rose.

As soon as the Shox R4 came out, it caused a sensation. The streamlined shoe body and the futuristic silver paint surface, and the most eye-catching one was the completely exposed cushioning device at the heel of the R4, so this pair of shoes also became the Nike design of the year. The concept is the full embodiment of the fusion of avant-garde, technology and futuristic sense.

Although Nike’s earliest visible cushioning technology can be traced back to the Air Max 1, which was born in 1987, the visible air cushion design that could only be seen in a corner was enough to make people excited, and it developed to the full palm of Air Max 97 ten years later. The visible air cushion has become the representative work of Nike in the application of technology.

But compared to the Air cushion, the exaggerated spring-like shape of the Shox and the device design that is completely independent of the shoe itself can be called the groundbreaking sneaker among Nike’s many designs.

The Nike Shox went on sale in 2000, but the idea of ​​cushioning through mechanical structures, or the idea of ​​Shox technology, began to be explored as early as 1984.

Air Force 1 designer Bruce Kilgore became the first person to practice. At that time, his cushioning device design composed of partitions and springs was also regarded as the predecessor and source of inspiration for Nike Shox.

Since then, Nike has started experimental attempts with different materials and designs in the relationship between technical shock absorption and energy feedback. Until 1997, hollow foam materials were used to replace the springs between the upper and lower partitions and the partitions. The design of the air column was gradually formed, and Nike Shox technology was finally presented on the R4, where “R” stands for “Running”, and the number “4” refers to the four cushioning air columns.

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Although the avant-garde styling of the Nike Shox R4 was hotly debated at the time, the Nike Shox series became popular because of the legendary NBA player and “half-human half-god” Vince Carter.

Shortly after the release of R4, the Nike Shox family welcomed the second member, the Nike Shox BB4, which was also the first sneaker for basketball in the Nike Shox series. Tournament Champion” Vince Carter endorsed the shoe.

At the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, Vince Carter faced the French center Frederic Weis who was much taller than himself and staged a “death buckle”. The birth of this scene also made the pair of BB4s on his feet quickly become the focus, and even countless People see the Shox technology on the BB4 as Vince Carter’s “lift-off booster”.

In Vince Carter’s later career, BB4 can be said to have witnessed the peak period of Vince Carter, and Vince Carter has become the best proof of Nike Shox technology in sports combat.

Subsequently, Nike Shox continued to launch many series, from Nike Shox XT to TL (Total). Palm Shox.

In addition, other shoes equipped with Nike Shox technology are also emerging in an endless stream, from the initial setting for running shoes, to later covering basketball, training, outdoor and other use scenarios, but despite this, every new Nike Shox product is used. The response to the release was uneventful.

Based on the avant-garde style of Nike Shox, many people think that the design aesthetics of this pair of shoes is higher than its functionality, and Nike Shox consumers also say that the Shox technology on the sole is too hard and the foot feel is very general, and light weight people simply cannot Stepping on the air column, the extra height of the air column also makes them often injured in sports.

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In the feedback from consumers, the shortcomings of Shox technology in sports are undoubtedly revealed. Under the dual pressure of the market and consumers, the “unpopular” Nike Shox seems to be “hidden”, even if it was later with football superstar Neymar , Rapper Skepta’s joint name also failed to stir up too many waves.

But Nike Shox’s appearance with special design aesthetics, as well as a wealth of styles and color options, has become the choice of countless Icons when retro sneakers have become a popular trend.

 Hailey Bieber Hailey Bieber


Dua LipaDua Lipa




 Quavo / Bella Hadid Quavo / Bella Hadid


The recognizable design of Nike Shox also provides more styling possibilities for fashion players to wear.

From the retro sports trend led by “daddy shoes” to the distinctiveness brought by today’s focus on technological aesthetics, perhaps it is the unique design of Nike Shox that attracts Comme des Garçons, Martine Rose, Supreme, etc. Brands with very different styles work with them.

In the first cooperation between Martine Rose and Nike, the second creation of Nike Air Monarch, which also has the retro sports gene, also brought the Air Monarch sneakers back into the public eye.

In the history of cooperation between Supreme and Nike, shoes have been designed with relatively unpopular styles many times, which has attracted people’s attention to these classic shoe types.

With the launch of Supreme and Martine Rose’s respective cooperation, whether Nike Shox will usher in a new wave of resurgence is also worth our expectation.

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