Home Entertainment “Can you also just like me” released today with three major highlights to unlock spring day’s heartbeat jqknews

“Can you also just like me” released today with three major highlights to unlock spring day’s heartbeat jqknews

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“Can you also just like me” released today with three major highlights to unlock spring day’s heartbeat jqknews

The Taiwanese youth love film “Can You Just Like Me” was released today. The three highlights of the film are romantically unlocked. This spring’s warmest and beautiful heart-wrenching journey officially begins! This film was jointly created by the creative team of “A Story More Sad Than Sadness”, adapted from the best-selling work of the same name, directed by the cutting-edge director Jian Xuebin, Deng Ziqi sang the theme song, starring Tsao Yu-ning, Chen Yu and Lin Yingwei. After the film was released in Taiwan, China in 2020, it achieved the second best annual box office of local romance films. Just today, hurry up and buy a ticket, ask the TA you just like to walk into the theater, and let this movie become the most unforgettable memory of your countless romantic experiences!

Two-way secret love, bravely go to sweet abuse intertwined with laughter and tears

In the movie “Can You Just Like Me”, the heroine Tian Xiaoxiang and the hero Li Zhuhao are childhood sweethearts, and they have a crush on each other but dare not confess. In the constant guessing and entanglement, the two have experienced a series of dreads. Yang’s wrong misunderstanding, but unable to stay in love with each other, such a sour plot is undoubtedly tear-proof. And when they finally realized that in love, courage is far more important than the so-called “careful”, from “secretly like you” to “don’t want to miss you”, a sweet two-way rush will fill the heart rate.

In addition to the touching love between Xiao Xiang and Zhu Hao, the feared domineering and domineering sister Yu and the polite philosophy student, the cold and “heartless” Professor Shi Dong and the infatuated “dead-hearted” brother Zhiliang, have Extremely contrasting “weird” school bullies and duplicitous school grasses – a few pairs of CPs who seem to be very different and can never fall in love, also show the different appearances of love, which will undoubtedly allow every audience to be able to Find your shadow in it.

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The creative team of “Better Than Sadness” did not leave any regrets and changed to send sugar Deng Ziqi to sing heart-warming

The ability to create such an interesting and heart-wrenching story is thanks to a strong and professional behind-the-scenes team. This film is made by the creative team of “A Story More Saddened Than Sadness”. The infinite regret that once “is more sad than sadness” can be said to have broken the hearts of the audience. Today’s “Can You Just Like Me Too”, finally The “knife” of the coin has turned into “sugar”, which is bound to bring everyone the courage to love in this warm spring.

In addition, Deng Ziqi, a talented creative woman and a powerful singer, also strongly helped out. The theme song “A Long Time Later”, which was written and sung by herself, added the finishing touch to the sweet and slightly sour first love in the movie. The classic “Deng’s singing” is also gentle and full of power. Deng Ziqi once said that he decided to sing the theme song after watching the movie, saying that he liked the story of the movie very much. Touching songs are paired with heart-piercing love, and the sparks from the collision are worth looking forward to.

11:11 Promise a lifetime of heart-wrenching works that resonate strongly

The film was officially released nationwide at 11:11 today. This special time will fill the sense of ceremony – watching a film, starting with “you” and “me”, ending with “we”, and one heart and one mind for each other, hand in hand for a lifetime . In addition, the title of the film “Can you just like me too” also hides the unspoken first half of the sentence “I like you”, such a small thought also makes this film a “confession artifact”, you dare not say it Exported love, expressed by this movie for you!

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Many viewers said that the movie was real and delicate enough to pierce the heart, reminding people of the sad or sweet moments they experienced in love. There are laughs and tears.” “The overall relaxed and lively atmosphere is filled with emotion, and I feel the hesitation and temptation that initially moved my heart, as well as the pure beauty in love.” “I think this movie will bring confessions to many people. If you really like it, you have to say it bravely, in case ‘you happen to like me too’.” Just today, don’t forget to date your TA, let’s watch “Can You Just Like Me?” I”!

It is reported that “Can You Also Just Like Me” was introduced by China Film Group Corporation, distributed by China Film Co., Ltd., and promoted by Zhujiang Film Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Juying Media Co., Ltd. The film is officially released today. Come to the theater and welcome the most unique romantic ceremony in March!

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