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Car and motorcycle tires? Savings run online

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ROME – The best practice to try to save is to compare the various prices available for a product. A rule that today also applies to car and motorcycle tires, offered at competitive prices in the large eBay online marketplace. Until a while ago, excellent offers could be found online, to which, however, it was necessary to add the assembly costs, load the purchased tires into the car and go in search of a tire dealer willing to do the job without making you wait too long. . In short, a procedure that, between money and time, risked making vain the savings obtained with the online purchase.

Today, however, things have changed a lot and if manual “do-it-yourself” replacement is still difficult for tires, the ebay.it site offers users a complete service that also includes the assembly of the chosen tires. The specialists of the giant online supermarket have created an ad hoc section for vehicle tires where over one hundred thousand different types of tires are available.

The choice is truly vast, and once you have identified the type and size of tires that meet the desired needs and requirements (winter, summer, all season M + S) you can select the “Have your tires fitted” checkbox. In addition, to help the user choose the service that best suits his needs and the closest (or preferred) fitting center, the exact address of the center and the estimated installation price are clearly displayed. A few simple steps listed below are enough to proceed with the purchase directly from the link www.ebay.it/e/auto-moto/pneumatici-auto-con-servizio-installation:

1 You choose an assembly center and complete the purchase of both the tires and the installation service directly through eBay.it. The product (the tires) and the service (the assembly) will be listed as two separate objects within the same cart, and the user will be required to complete the purchase by paying for both directly on eBay.it.

2 The user will then be notified with a confirmation e-mail when the tires will be sent by the seller to the assembly center and with a second e-mail when they arrive at their destination at the assembly center.

3 Once this second email has been received, an appointment can be scheduled through the same email.

4 At this point, the assembly center is contacted by telephone to schedule the appointment.

5 On the day of the appointment, the user must necessarily bring with him the order number received by e-mail

6 The assembly center will check the order number and then proceed with assembly.

In short, there are savings (very often shipping is free), the choice is very wide (for those who are not very familiar with tires, it is better to choose well-known brands), you just need to be familiar with purchases on the platform. e-commerce (you can make purchases even without being registered), and you can conclude a good deal.

As always, the rule is to be wary of offers at “bargain” prices that can hide a scam and to be even more sure you can evaluate the feedback received from the sellers and released by the various buyers once the goods have been received. (maurilio rigo)


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