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Carlos Paz will join the cities with electronic voting for the gubernatorial election

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Carlos Paz will join the cities with electronic voting for the gubernatorial election

The Electoral Justice of Córdoba ordered that on June 25 the inhabitants of Villa Carlos Paz will elect a governor through the electronic voting system and mayor through the single paper ballot system. The decision aims to overcome the overlapping of dates generated by the Organic Charter of Carlos Paz and the provincial call.

With the decision of the electoral Justice, Carlos Paz joins La Falda, Cosquín and Marcos Juárez, where there have already been experiences with this electronic system.

In this way, on June 25, the people of Carlospace will vote with the Single Ballot system and physical ballot boxes to designate the municipal authorities (mayor, councilors and tribunes) and, on the other hand, for the first time they will cast their vote for provincial positions through of the electronic voting system.

Since 2007, Carlos Paz has had his own Organic Charter, which established the last Sunday of June every four years as the date of the municipal elections.

When Governor Juan Schiaretti called the provincial elections for the same day as the municipal ones, the movements in the local ruling party accelerated to achieve a clear separation.

One of the possibilities being considered was to have two ballot boxes on each table.

In addition, the Council of Representatives had approved an ordinance so that there would be two Single Vote Ballots clearly distinguishing both elections. The Electoral Justice found an alternative in the application of different voting systems in an electoral act that will be the same day.


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In resolution number 4 of the Electoral Justice of the Province, the situation that occurred after the two elections converged on the same date was raised, understanding that the spirit of the Municipal Organic Charter of the mountain village seeks autonomy with respect to other constituencies.

“Taking into account the variables of time, economy and technological infrastructure available and in use of the faculties that the law grants to the Provincial Electoral Tribunal, in addition to the La Falda and Cosquín circuits of the Punilla department and Marcos Juárez of the homonymous department, the city of Villa Carlos Paz in the department of Punilla, constituting a quantitative leap of importance for this electronic system that the law imposes”, expresses the resolution. And he continues: “The town of Villa Carlos Paz has been taken into account, since according to its Organic Charter, they elect their local authorities on the last Sunday of June. When the provincial elections are called for June 25 of this year, it arises, in principle, that the city in question votes coincidentally but not simultaneously with the provincial order, which would generate a waste of resources and could provoke resistance from the electorate. All this as a result of two processes with different voting systems coexisting on the same day, causing confusion between the two elections.

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