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Cast and crew of ‘FC De Kampioenen’ hold reunion, with Jacques Vermeire as a notable absentee

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Cast and crew of ‘FC De Kampioen’ hold reunion — © Facebook Brasserie ‘Mijn Thought’

The cast and crew of ‘FC De Kampioenen’ had another reunion last weekend.

Monday April 22, 2024 at 1:40 PM

For years they stood together in front of and behind the camera, but after filming the last TV special, the cast and crew of Flanders’ most popular football team did not see each other again soon. This changed last Sunday: a barbecue was held together on the football field in Emblem near Ranst, at the time the background of the series, and in brasserie Mijn Gedacht, based on a one-liner by Balthazar Boma.

Several key players were present. Some of the snapshots shared on social media include Marijn Devalck, Danni Heylen, Ann Tuts, Ben Rottiers, Jaak Van Assche, Tuur De Weert, Herman Verbruggen and Niels Destadsbader. Many people from the crew of many years were also present. “It was a lot of fun,” says production assistant Ann Ricour. “The reunion followed on from James the musical, where a large part of the cast also saw each other again.”

It also immediately explains a conspicuous absence: Jacques Vermeire was not at the barbecue. Not because of a dispute, it sounds. Vermeire could not be present at the recording of the TV program and was simply not in the same WhatsApp group as the cast that appeared in James the musical.

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