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CCTV Drama Critic CMG’s First Annual Chinese TV Drama Ceremony: A Review of China’s TV Drama Industry-Qianlong.com China Capital.com

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CCTV Drama Critic CMG’s First Annual Chinese TV Drama Ceremony: A Review of China’s TV Drama Industry-Qianlong.com China Capital.com

Source Title: CCTV Drama Critic CMG’s First Annual Chinese TV Drama Ceremony: A Review of China‘s TV Drama Industry

In the festive atmosphere of Ruitu Hechun and the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the CCTV comprehensive channel (CCTV-1) broadcast the annual event of Chinese TV people at 8:00 on the second day of the Lunar New Year—by China Central Radio and Television The first annual Chinese TV drama ceremony held by the main station.

The grand ceremony for the first time showcased the achievements of China‘s excellent TV drama creation in the past year; it was a review of the Chinese TV drama industry and a gathering of Chinese TV drama power.

Through the excellent TV dramas displayed and recommended at the ceremony, we can see some new trends and trends in the high-quality development of Chinese TV dramas in recent years.

Rooted in reality, style is upward, morality is good, society is forward, art is beautiful

Chinese TV dramas are increasingly focusing on contemporary China and the real society.

Many of the works present a rich and in-depth presentation of the changes that are taking place in China over the past half century, and even at present, the changes in the fate of the Chinese people, and the new choices that the Chinese people are facing from life style to value concept.

Some of these excellent works have been widely praised by audiences and industry professionals.

Representative works such as “Human World“, “County Party Committee Compound”, “Big Examination”, “Splendid Mountains and Rivers”, “Police Honor”, “Happiness to Thousands of Families” and so on;

TV dramas such as “Dawn of the East”, “Transcendence”, “Song of Lushan” and “Bottom Line” have expanded the rare themes such as economic construction, sports competition, heavy industry transformation and grassroots courts in the history of major revolutions.

Some works are more expansive.

For example, “County Party Committee Compound” has entered the core and most sensitive “counties” and towns in China‘s political governance system, presenting the political ecology and social reality of China today;

“The Daughter of the Mountain”, “Happiness to Thousands of Families”, etc., are related to the major theme of targeted poverty alleviation, and have made great progress in the depth and breadth of presenting the current rural reality;

“Big Exam” pays more attention to the college entrance examination faced by thousands of families in China and the educational philosophy, talent values, life ideals, family relationships and so on embodied behind it.

Generally speaking, Chinese TV dramas are more rooted in society and reality, focusing on social hot spots, pain points, and difficulties, expanding the breadth of TV dramas showing real life, and also improving the depth of reality cognition to a certain extent.

At the same time, these TV dramas consciously reflect the positive energy requirements of upward style, morality, society, and art. They use a constructive attitude to present real contradictions and dilemmas, and at the same time reflect the warmth and warmth of society. The progress of the times reflects the so-called “warm realism” characteristics of the critics.

Pioneering and innovative drama industry flourishes

Chinese TV dramas are more pioneering and innovative in terms of themes, genres, styles, and styles, and are richer in content and form.

On the one hand, Chinese TV dramas are increasingly emphasizing the transmission of mainstream values ​​and emphasizing the positive performance of excellent traditional culture;

On the other hand, they are increasingly consciously looking for valuable themes, stories and characters in traditional culture and Chinese history from the perspective of cultural self-confidence.

“The Wind Rises from Longxi” and other drama series have new explorations in costume dramas.

Some other typified creations also have new characteristics in art form.

The costume dramas adapted from Internet IP, whether they are fictional or real historical facts, all embody the aesthetic consciousness of innovative development and creative transformation.

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For example, “Canglan Jue”, “Menghualu” and other works have aroused great repercussions among young audiences.

In addition, works such as “Basic Law of Genius”, “The Beginning” and “Adversary”, “Dear Child”, “Walking to the Wind”, “Perfect Companion”, “I Have You in This Life”, “Ignite Me, Warm You”, “The Gate of Rebirth” and so on, They have also made breakthroughs in suspense, youth, crime, workplace, family and other genres.

Some works even use structures and narrative methods such as multi-time and space and infinite flow, reflecting the conscious innovation consciousness of TV drama creators.

Especially under the promotion of Internet streaming media, many new phenomena have emerged in the content and form of TV series, and many young creators have also emerged, which shows the trend of the Chinese drama industry with successors, integrity and innovation.

The creator of reducing quantity and improving quality is “indomitable”

In recent years, the production level and production technology of Chinese TV dramas have been improved overall.

There are hundreds and thousands of episodes of TV series and online dramas that premiere every year. There are still a lot of shoddy works. Art modeling, audio-visual presentation, post-editing, and special effects production all show a high level of craftsmanship, and some even approach and reach the level of international film and television dramas.

More prominent works such as “The World“, “Police Honor”, “Splendid Mountains and Rivers” and so on.

These works have a positive guiding role in the overall creation of domestic dramas.

Leading, not just catering, meeting the needs of high-level audiences reflects the future development direction of Chinese TV dramas.

Despite the frequent emergence of excellent works, the number of excellent Chinese TV dramas is far from being able to meet the audience’s increasing aesthetic needs, and it is still imminent to improve the overall level of creation and production.

We are entering the post-pandemic period amid the complex changes in the international and domestic environment. The new look of Chinese social life and people’s mental outlook, and the increasingly rich and diverse media forms and media content will have profound changes on audiences and users. Affecting the creation of drama series in China in the future.

Just like the direction conveyed by CMG’s first annual Chinese TV drama ceremony, for creative producers, it is necessary to stand on top of the sky – not only stand at the height of the times but also be able to truly take root in real life.

On the one hand, we can see the general trend of reality and historical development;

On the other hand, pay attention to the fate of the individual and the spiritual world.

TV people should actively learn from the excellent experience of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign literary and artistic creations, adapt to the media literacy and media requirements of current audiences, and let China‘s TV drama creation go from a plateau to a peak, from a big TV drama country to a TV drama powerhouse.

In terms of creative concepts, we need not only “good-looking” TV series, but also “good” TV series.

Not only enrich the screen with good-looking TV dramas, but also use good TV dramas to influence audiences, record the times, promote social progress, and present a more confident, open, and civilized image of China and Chinese people to the world.

It is worth mentioning that the China TV Drama Production and Broadcasting Alliance announced at the ceremony has gathered the most representative creators, production organizations and broadcasting platforms of the Chinese TV drama industry. This move will help Promote the high-quality development of China‘s TV drama industry, so that more excellent TV drama works that can enhance the spiritual strength of the people will emerge in abundance.

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