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Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with singing, Kugou netizens sang “Youth” again-Events-Huasheng Entertainment

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Recently, the “You are a song in my heart” initiated by Guangming.com and Kugou Music, the theme song of the party’s centennial founding, I’m here to sing, ended successfully. “K song masters” from all walks of life gave their voices and sincere blessings, singing red songs to extol the great history of the party. The event was launched from June 28 to July 17, attracting a total of nearly 3,000 participants. , Won 7.82 million votes, many well-known classic songs, such as “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau”, “Oriental Pearl”, “Good Days”, “Playing My Beloved Soil Pipa”, “Dongfanghong”, “Why the Flower Is So Red”, Through the interpretation of netizens, it once again glowed with brand-new charm. Judging from the results of the announcement, “Youth”, which had previously become a hit on the Internet, is still hot. The first place in the rankings is the cover of “Youth” by netizens, with a total of 1.389 million votes.

According to reports, “Youth” is a brand new album released by Kugou musician Meng Ran in November 2019. The lyrics and music were all completed by Meng Ran alone. The genre is jumping, the rhythm is strong, the lyrics are impressive and positive, and rap is added in the meantime, which is catchy. After the release of the song, it quickly swept the charts of all major platforms and once became a hot song in 2020. The People’s Daily has also worked with Meng Ran to release the MV version of “Youth” with the theme of the party’s centenary.

The centuries-old party spirit is flourishing, and the Chinese people are full of spirits. Just like the song sings, “I am still the boy before/Nothing has changed/Time is just a test/The faith in my heart has not diminished.” The enthusiastic “Youth” is undoubtedly the most popular song at the moment, and it has both the main theme and positive energy. It also shows the joy of netizens in the centuries of the founding of the party and their confidence in future life.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the party, Kugou Music also produced and launched the “Hundred Years of Struggle and a New Journey”-a special exhibition area for excellent online literary works to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. The Voice of the Years, the Voice of the Years, and the Voice of the Masses disseminate representative red songs and video materials related to party history education from multiple angles and forms. Among them, the “Chapter One Hundred Years Theme Song I’ll Sing” activity was interacted in the Voice of the Masses column. At the same time, Kugou also launched the “Don’t forget the original intention, let me tell the red story” in cooperation with Guangming. Specially collect the red stories told by the masses, and advocate that everyone knows the history of the party, the history of the party, and the history of the party.

Although history is far away, but the spirit is always new. Kugou uses new media to make the red history more vivid and closer to the youth groups, and to drive the conscious participation of the majority of netizens to realize the power of faith.


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