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Celebrities fight each other at home without filters, and the camera comedy “The Second Season of the Stage” premieres and broadcasts exclusively on the line-Qianlong.com.cn

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Celebrities fight each other at home without filters, and the camera comedy “The Second Season of the Stage” premieres and broadcasts exclusively on the line-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Big coffee no filter at home, the camera comedy “The Second Season of the Stage” premiered and premiered exclusively on the line

On June 24, 2022, the second season of the high-scoring British drama “Stage Play Season 2” born on “Online” made a strong comeback and was broadcast exclusively on the streaming platform “Huanxi Premiere” exclusively operated by Huanxi Media. At present, the first and second seasons of “Stage Play” (also known as “online “mocking”) are all premiering exclusively in Huanxi.

In 2020, the new crown epidemic swept the world. This epidemic made masks a must-have in people’s lives and changed people’s lifestyles. In the days of home isolation, people likened their home to a tourist attraction, or acting at home, or singing on the balcony and having fun.

The epidemic has driven the cloud space, making the online connection between people more important. While everyone is eager to end the epidemic as soon as possible, British director Simon Evans and screenwriter Finn Green saw an unprecedented opportunity.

A nested comedy called “Stage Play” came into being – the two actors stopped their stage play due to the epidemic, but the director asked them to rehearse online. In the play, the actor and the actor’s family are all starring in their real names, and the scene is filmed in the actor’s real home.

The camera gives the actors the process of disenchanting their lives: In this show, it’s hard to tell if you’re watching a TV show or a documentary that’s been released by accident. The two actors put down their halos and scolded each other in the air, and the director’s family conflicts gradually revealed…

The TV series eventually gained more than 20 million viewers and supporters in the UK, and went to the global audience. “Stage Play” has broken a curse: without a big production, you can still make a good work.

The old partner opened fire with rage through the screen, and the audience watched more and more interesting

“Stage Play” has launched two seasons so far. Each episode and season has a core event that connects the plot, but it is very simple to sum up, with only four words: online chatter.

In the first season, the two leading actors need to cooperate with the director’s work to rehearse the stage play “Six Characters Looking for a Playwright” online, but most of the time they are scrambling for fan spots or paddling in the name of work. to chat with. Life in isolation has brought them pain, but through the camera, they have found spiritual companionship.

In the second season, the framework of the first season was not retained, and instead it was about the preparations for the American version of “The Stage”. The two protagonists were tragically switched roles before filming began. In order to return to the crew, they resorted to various tricks and extended their friendship beyond the series.

Starring in the play, British actors Mike Sheen and David Tennant may be unfamiliar to domestic audiences, but when it comes to the vampire elders in “Twilight” and “The Tenth Doctor Who”, you must be will be impressed. In the episode, they play “themselves”. Mike, who has an explosive head, is irritable and irritable, and David, who does not change his clothes, is always complaining endlessly.

They moved and remained silent, made fun of each other’s works, competed in secret, and had a big fight over whose name should be put in front. In this way, they sometimes form alliances and discuss how to convince the director and mislead competitors.

Their “friendship” affects family and friends all the time. In the drama, David Tennant’s actor wife Georgia and Mike Sheen’s young girlfriend Anna have “plays”. They often get together and complain about how naive these two big men are.

Lost friends “love and kill each other”, the audience can watch with relish for a day just by watching these two people chatting on the screen.

Don’t be fooled by the “scruffy look” in their show, though. Mike Sheen and David Tennant are both powerful actors. Mike Sheen was born into a drama family and made his debut in the film “Othello” adapted from Shakespeare’s famous play. David graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and starred in Hamlet by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Before “Stage Play”, the most well-known and most “out-of-the-circle” partner works of these two actors were the TV series “Good Omens”. Aziraphale, played by Mike Sheen, is an angel guarding the city gate, and Crowley, played by David Tennant, is a fallen demon. Because their lives are too long and the world is too boring, they establish a mutual benefit. wonderful relationship.

“Good Omens” built a fan base for Mike Sheen and David Tennant’s partner. When these two “friendship” partners played “The Stage”, their acting skills and long-term relationship cultivated The tacit understanding broke out together. Their improvisational performances, and the jokes of “Witty Talks” bring people infinite joy. Mike and David have become a good medicine for humor in the epidemic.

Play-in-play innovative comedy, big coffee sits in oolong

In “Stage Play”, the first script that Mike and David received, “Six Characters in Search of a Playwright”, was a masterpiece by Italian playwright Pirandello. The play itself is a “play within a play” rehearsed by a troupe.

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“Stage Play” puts a layer of drama on the shell of the play within the play, and even allows Mike and David in the play to be interviewed in the play. The process of watching the play is full of immersion, and it is difficult for the audience to distinguish the “online” of the actors. Personality and “real” personality.

Documentary, TV series, reality show, and “Stage Play” are all three. The background given by the epidemic makes this drama even more real and imaginary. In addition, “Stage Play” also invited many celebrities to join this online carnival.

If the “superstars” Samuel L. Jackson and Judi Dench in the first season are just “flying on water”, then in the second season, “The Devil” Cate Blanchett, “Sheldon” Jim Parr Sens, “Obi-Wan” Ewan McGregor, “Downton Abbey” Hugh Bonneville and many other big names made guest appearances, which can be described as a real star-studded.

In the series, these stars take off their halo and participate in the filming as actors. They encountered all kinds of oolong incidents, turned into babysitters, and smashed each other with black materials, which made people addicted.

In order to “replace” Mike Sheen and David Tennant, the main creator also invited another pair of topical British brothers: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The two have cooperated in popular works such as “Blood Detective” and “Zombie Shaun”, and are recognized as the golden funny partner. There were rumors in the market that Simon Pegg and Mike Sheen looked alike, often making people confused. In “Stage Play”, the two pairs of good friends teamed up in two groups to play on the same screen. Once in a lifetime.

The filming of “Stage Play” was not easy. In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention policy, the whole filming was divided into two parts: online filming and actor self-portrait. Actors not only read their lines, but also have to be responsible for their own lighting and scene selection. An interesting little easter egg is that David Tennant’s background often changes in the play because he can’t find a fixed place to hide from his children when he is shooting at home.

In “Stage Play”, the epidemic is only a background, not the protagonist of the series, screenwriter Finn Green once said, but he hopes that after many years, when people look back at this “special” work, they can still understand All the baggage. The lines have a script and the characters can be shaped, but the humanistic care promoted in it is real. This kind of warm feeling is perhaps the greatest charm of the work “Stage Play”.

The first and second seasons of “Stage Play” have been broadcast exclusively on Huanxi Premiere. Huanxi Premiere is an ad-free streaming media platform that combines full membership and paid on-demand, providing audiences with high-quality products from all over the world. Film and television content, such as high-quality domestic films “Manslaughter”, “Crazy Alien”, “Warm Hug”, “Children of the Rivers and Lakes”, “Win the Championship”, “One Second”, the popular youth drama “The Sky of the Wind Dog” and many others. Overseas boutique movies and series, etc. Huanxi Premiere has covered the three major terminals of PC, mobile and TV. At present, the total number of downloads has exceeded 38 million, and the cumulative number of paying users has exceeded 11 million.

Huanxi Premiere is exclusively operated by Huanxi Media. As the most innovative film and television content investment, production and streaming media broadcasting platform company in China, Huanxi Media’s unique director cooperation system and business layout combining film and television content with online video platforms allow The Group has unique advantages in team building, work output and resource acquisition.

From 2022 to 2023, Huanxi Media will release a number of films in theaters one after another. These include: “Learning Dad” written and directed by Su Liang and starring Huang Bo; “Mr. Red Carpet” (formerly known as “National Star”) directed by Ning Hao and starring Andy Lau; “On the Stage” directed by Chen Kexin; directed by Zhang Yimou “The River Red” directed by Gu Changwei; “Hedgehog” directed by Gu Changwei, starring Ge You and Wang Junkai; “Fearless” directed by Chen Daming and starring Zhang Hanyu; “Up the Mountain” produced by Wang Xiaoshuai; “The Stage” directed by Chen Peisi and starring Chen Peisi and Chen Dayu; “A Safe Evacuation from the 21st Century” directed by Li Yang and starring Zhang Ruoyun and Zhong Chuxi; “A Long Confession” directed by Zhang Lu and starring Ni Ni and Zhang Luyi; and “Chaoyun Muyu” directed and written by Zhang Guoli and starring Zhou Dongyu.

In addition, in terms of online drama investment, the 12-episode online film and television series “Hotel Paradise”, which was supervised and co-directed by Wong Kar Wai, is currently preparing for pre-production.

It is not difficult to see from the above film list that Huanxi Media’s “director’s partnership system” has brought it lasting content competitiveness, a strong star lineup and strong performance growth momentum, and its works and market performance are worth looking forward to.

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