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Celebrity Feud Continues: Big S, Gu Junye, Wang Xiaofei, and Ma Xiaomei – the Latest Updates!

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Celebrity Feud Continues: Big S, Gu Junye, Wang Xiaofei, and Ma Xiaomei – the Latest Updates!

Article supply: on 2024-06-05 17:44:07
– News taken from main media The content material of the information doesn’t symbolize the place of this web site!

The rivalry between Big S, Gu Junye, Wang Xiaofei and Ma Xiaomei is a supply of pleasure for a lot of netizens, and it appears that evidently it’s removed from over.

On Wang Xiaofei’s aspect, he simply acquired a certificates with Ma Xiaomei in a high-class technique to ask for cash after changing into a giant S.

There are only a few tales from the Big S, and most of them are primarily based on web postings. For instance, Big S was emotionally unstable and had a giant struggle with Gu Junye, who was so offended that he returned to Korea late at evening. .

For instance, there are rumors on the web that Little S stated that her sister is in a tough scenario proper now and she will be able to’t even pay for her youngsters’s tuition.

Another instance is that Big S and Wang Xiaofei had a peaceable negotiation not way back, however Big S requested for 200 million alimony The two events didn’t attain an settlement, and the settlement was postponed for some time.

Some of the above rumors about Big S could also be true and a few could also be false, however Gu Junye is at the moment in South Korea, however it’s not recognized if there’s a relationship downside between him and Big S.

Recently, Koo Junye met on the street in South Korea. He was consuming at a roadside store together with his pals on the time.

Koo Junye can be DJing at a bar within the Philippines on June 12, however he was criticized as a result of Big S’s identify appeared on the promotional poster.

When it involves consuming mushy rice, this isn’t solely Gu Junye’s analysis by home leisure customers, however Korean folks additionally appear to have a foul opinion of him.

One of the media within the leisure business in Taiwan broke the information that Gu Junye just lately entered a financial institution in South Korea to deal with enterprise, nevertheless it was stated that it meant that Gu Junye was a male artist raised in Taiwan. At that point, Gu Junye was so offended that he virtually began combating with one other group.

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Regarding this hearsay, this information supply stated that the credibility is comparatively excessive, as a result of he stated that the folks of Kimchi Country have free mouths, they’ll say no matter they like in regards to the singer, they hate once they hate. .

In addition, the creator additionally stated that Gu Junye’s analysis in Kimchi nation isn’t actually excessive. This assertion is seen when Gu Junye participated within the Korean present up to now.

At that point, Wang Xiaofei went to Seoul to debate the opening of Ma Liuji’s retailer with a neighborhood meals group. By the best way, he went on a visit with Ma Xiaomei, and launched a photograph of the 2 of them for the primary time. , displaying their love.

Perhaps as a result of he was impressed, Gu Junye, apparently beneath the orders of Big S, launched eight consecutive close-up images from the elevator to that Han Zong, which instantly sparked heated discussions on the Internet.

On high of this stress, Gu Junye additionally answered lots of questions on the range present, however he was very grateful to the present hosts for having the braveness to ask, and laughter was evident, and 4 or 5 hosts simply laughed. now and again.

Regarding the tattoo ring on the time of the marriage, the host requested Gu Junye if she has cash to provide it as a present?

Gu Junye defined that anybody should buy it with cash, however the couple’s tattoo ring can’t be erased.

After that, this system managers requested Gu Junye if he has his personal home in Taipei, Gu Junye answered in truth: No, he lives with Big S.

At first I believed that this subject will finish right here, however unexpectedly, the supervisor made one other try and requested if the staff can go to that home to report the present at some point when Big S isn’t at dwelling?

A query like that is clearly not critical, nevertheless it additionally brings out ridicule. I wish to know if Gu Junye has a place and a voice within the household?

I do not know if Gu Junye has a say within the household, other than these allegations of quarreling with Big S, the 2 have been saying that they love one another very a lot.

But what is definite is that Gu Junye’s recognition in Taipei could be very low, and his profession has not developed. First, it’s as a result of he has handed away, and secondly, as a result of the popularity and affect of Big S has been good. earlier than.

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At the start of May, Big S made a particular program for DJ Gu Junye, though the promotion began a month earlier than, Big S’s sisters even spoke personally, the tickets didn’t promote out when this system began.

On the day of the sport, some Taiwanese media reported that the ambiance was very excessive, based on Internet reviews, along with teams of family members and pals, it additionally attracted numerous digital music lovers.

In addition, Taiwanese media reported that after the sport, Koo Junye walked the purple carpet exterior the venue as if he had been strolling on the Avenue of Stars, with followers surrounding him asking for autographs and images.

But the truth is, one other a part of Taiwanese media revealed that there have been solely three to 4 hundred individuals who attended Goo Junye’s DJ present, and plenty of of them had been invited by S’s mom and Xiao S. Xiao S’s present staff employees even publicly thanked. construct by donating tickets.

The most essential factor is that the present didn’t generate income for Big S and Gu Junye The Taiwanese leisure business fastidiously calculated the accounts and located that Big S misplaced cash and made cash.

Realizing that the sports activities market is struggling, Big S and Gu Junye additionally began a trendy model, promoting handmade luggage. Big S is chargeable for the design, and Gu Junye is chargeable for the handmade.

There is little doubt that Gu Junye’s energy has proven this potential many occasions in Korean video games. He additionally stated that Big S likes handmade luggage that he made out of outdated denims.

But the unusual factor is that Big S appears to have by no means come out in public to carry us a home made bag for Gu Junye. he was with Wang Xiaofei.

Big S and Gu Junye did not make any noise in Taipei till they drove straight to the mall in Singapore.

The worth of greater than 80 yuan appears low cost, however should you take a look at the images proven, the worth remains to be excessive. The high quality is similar to that offered by Pinxixi for 9 yuan and 9 yuan with free transport within the underground items markets within the fourth and fifth tier cities.

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In addition, there are numerous types made out of the crotch pockets and the bottoms of outdated denims, which have been criticized by web customers for concern of smelling.

Acting work can’t be launched, and they’re ridiculed for creating a trendy model and promoting handmade luggage. The monetary strain on Big S and Gu Junye may be imagined. If they solely depend on Big S’s previous financial savings, there’ll all the time be a day when they’re left with nothing.

Perhaps this is without doubt one of the the reason why Big S is out of the blue prepared to reconcile with Wang Xiaofei, however it doesn’t matter what occurs, it’s actually time for these few to get alongside, for their very own sake and for the sake of their youngsters. .

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