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CEO Gallo: “Our new headquarters in Largo Regio Parco tells of Italgas’ indissoluble bond with Turin”

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TURIN. The inauguration of the renewed Italgas headquarters in Largo Regio Parco in Turin was another important step in the recent history of the Company. A symbolic moment that further marks the change of pace that Italgas has been able to take and pursue since its return to the Stock Exchange, which took place in 2016.
An evolution that finds an effective representation also in the result of the important recovery and enhancement work that Giugiaro Architecture he made for the two palaces in Largo Regio Parco. Imposing buildings, which on the one hand retain the history they witnessed in the approximately 150 years since their construction and on the other present themselves in a renewed guise and in step with the new transformation challenges that the Italgas Group is facing.
The words of the CEO
CEO Paolo Gallo: «When I think back to this project, the four cardinal points that guided the choices come to mind. Points that, in some way, I tried to represent also through an acronym: C – A – A – T, that is Culture, Environment, Architecture, Technology.
The “C” of Culture finds its ideal representation in multiple forms. The most evident and impactful one in the “Flammarion” work by the master Oliviero Rainaldi which from today embellishes the aesthetics of Largo Regio Parco and which reflects many elements of the “new” Italgas. Equally evident, then, is also our “temple” of industrial and digital culture: the Heritage Lab. A physical and virtual space that we have given life to thanks to an important project for the digital transformation of the historical archive, the library and the newspaper library and which has already opened its doors by making its huge Big Data pool of the past available to the community.
The first “A” of Ambiente is also a reason for particular satisfaction, because it allows us to underline and demonstrate concretely how much our idea of ​​sustainability is inherent in any strategic choice. In fact, in the redevelopment of the two buildings, we adhered to the voluntary LEED certification, a world standard for eco-compatible buildings, and in line with this approach, the air conditioning of the environments is also achieved with systems powered today by natural gas and tomorrow with gas. zero impact such as biomethane and in the near future green hydrogen.
The second “A” refers to Architecture and how this allows places to become environments in which people work better and in which innovation and creativity are also stimulated, so as to trigger a virtuous process whose effects – only at invisible and non-quantifiable appearance – they can affect the overall growth of the company. In the renovation project we started from the analysis of the renewed needs and the assumptions that are the basis of the modern vision of the workplace. The result was the design and construction of open spaces, areas dedicated to coworking, relaxation, indoor sports, terraces and hanging gardens.
Finally, the “T” of Technology. In the two buildings, environments have been created that I consider the flagship of this restyling and that better than others represent the new Italgas and the digital transformation that has permeated every area, projecting this company into the future of the global energy system. Largo Regio Parco, just to give an example, hosts the CIS, the new Integrated Supervision Center: a strategic infrastructure for our daily operations, equipped with the most advanced technologies for real-time monitoring of the 74,000 kilometers of distribution networks of the gas that the Group manages in the country “.
Gallo again: “Seeing these buildings today is a source of pride for me: they represent the image of the Company we want to be and the way we want to be perceived: modern, digital, innovative and sustainable, without ever losing sight of the importance of the link with the territories. Starting with Turin, the historic headquarters of Italgas, which will soon also host a state-of-the-art campus where we will concentrate our know-how in the field of materials testing, instrument calibration and the development of the new digital skills that our sector already requires today. and that will be increasingly important. It will be a structure that we will make available to other operators in the sector in the awareness that companies are not only islands and that the most important results, also in terms of repercussions for the economic and social fabric, can only be achieved by creating a system: institutions, businesses and communities. “.


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