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César Sena began a hunger strike for not having an electric kettle in prison

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César Sena began a hunger strike for not having an electric kettle in prison

Cesar Seinecouple of Cecilia Strzyzowski and the main defendant in the case investigating her disappearance and possible femicide, began a hunger strike in the cell of the Penitentiary Complex of Resistance, Chaco, where it is hosted. The measure that the 19-year-old began this Tuesday takes place within the framework of a key week for the progress of the case.

The decision made by the victim’s boyfriend is similar to the protest method used by her mother, Marcela Acuna, for 25 days to ask for his release, which finally did not happen at the moment. Sources of the case confirmed that the strike carried out by César is due to the fact that is “angry” with the authorities.

Cecilia Strzyzowski’s mother revealed her talk with Alberto Fernández: “I asked him for the Chaco Justice to intervene”

The reason for the anger occurs after the court officials will reject that the son of Acuña and the social leader Emerenciano Sena could have an electric kettle and stove inside his cell.

According to the agency THATthe prison authorities refused this request since meant “a risk” according to the protocols of prison establishments.

Cesar Sena and Cecilia Strzyzowsk.

Meanwhile, César is the only one of the seven detainees who not declared yet, and in several letters that his mother wrote, he pointed out that he was responsible for the alleged femicide of the 28-year-old woman. At the moment, both the young man and his parents are accused of being co-authors of the murder.

The list of defendants is completed by the driver Gutava obregonhis wife, fabiana gonzalezthe landlord of the camp of the main suspects, Gustavo Melgarejo and your partner Griselda Reinoso; all of them close collaborators of Chaco’s social leaders and accused of aggravated concealment.

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Key week for the cause

Marcela Acuña, Caesar and Emerenciano Sena.

On the other hand, Emerenciano Seine will try this Wednesday to raise before a magistrate that his detention is unfair and that it has nothing to do with the Strzyzowski crime. The young woman entered her house on June 2 and prosecutors presuppose that she was murdered by him, his wife Marcela Acuña and her then boyfriend and son of the couple, César.

Sena’s lawyer, and perhaps he himself, will ask revoke preventive detention before the control judge Héctor Sandoval. Thursday will be Acuña’s turn. Both are under arrest for aggravated homicide, as is their son.

Cecilia was in a relationship with César but was rejected by her family, according to what the researchers reconstructed. That and the economic motive are the main suspicion in the case, since she married the young man but her mother asked them to divorce.

It was even pointed out that she wanted to have a child, which it is estimated that she “represented an even greater threat” to her boyfriend’s family.


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