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CFK assured that the provinces got rid of debt during his second presidency

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CFK assured that the provinces got rid of debt during his second presidency

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner reappeared in X and questioned those who compare the tense relationship he maintains Javier Miley with the governors and their mandates between 2007 and 2015. In addition, he shared part of a report from the consulting firm 1816 that shows a reduction in debt in the provinces during his second presidency and a considerable increase in the administration of Mauricio Macribetween 2015 and 2019.

In the midst of the tension between the governors and Milei, calmed by the call to sign the “May 25 Pact” and the subsequent request for a meeting for next March 8 at Casa Rosada, The former head of the Senate shared a graph that shows how the debt stock of the provinces varied between 2011 and 2024.

uw Post by Cristina Kirchner in X

“In times of strong discussion about the fiscal situation of the provinces and the Nation, and in which some “analysts” of the oral, written and television press try to compare the proposals and the way of relating to the provinces of the current president with my management as President of the Republic (surely more than one will have heard that “Milei is the same as Cristina, who acted with the governors with the checkbook and the whip”), I want to share with you one of the work graphs that shows the dizzying debt reduction of the Argentine provinces during my second presidency, which the same commentators usually describe as my “bad presidency.”“He said, without giving names.

The graph shows a drop in debt from 44.3% to 22.2% ranging from 2011 to 2016, the first beginning of CFK’s second term and the last first year of Macri.

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The fragment of the 1816 consulting firm’s report shared by Cristina Kirchner

Starting in 2016, there is a debt peak that goes from 22.2% to 48.1% in 2019 (Macri’s last year and Alberto Fernández’s beginning). “You will also be able to see who they went into debt with, even in hard currency. “How do they say?… ah yes yes, fact kills story”Fernández de Kirchner ironically said.

Cristina Kirchner’s activity

Since February 14, when it published a 33-page document titled “Argentina in its third debt crisis. Situation table”, the former vice president has been positioning herself in the public discussion regarding the current political, social and economic situation of the country.

Javier Milei will transfer the fleet of presidential aircraft to the Air Force

At that time, he carried out a historical and economic review of the governments that were in office from 1983 to the present, stating that the debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) taken out in 2018 complicates the country’s growth possibilities and described a gloomy outlook, taking into account account for falling wages and high levels of poverty.

In the same way that Mauricio Macri is increasingly active, Cristina Kirchner expresses herself through X about the complexities of national politics but above all, to deny claims against her. This was fulfilled when she clarified that during her second term she eliminated the mileage exchange for officials and that during the Cambiemos government it was restored. It was following the announcement by the National Government to suspend that benefit.

On February 19, he published a PROFILE note showing the evolution of indigence and poverty rates. “If it were the Goose Game, when looking at the Observatory graph, rather than a complete decline we would be seeing how, starting in 2018 – with debt in dollars and return of the IMF at the hands of Mauricio Macri -, we returned to back until we fall back to the starting point. The reality that this work shows is that today we are already worse than in 2004. However, the real tragedy is that they are not playing a board game, but with the Argentine table “, said the former head of state then, who in the midst of the disorder of Peronism, continues to form an important part of local politics.

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