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“Changjin Lake” continues to lead the National Day box office champion in film history jqknews

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“Changjin Lake” continues to lead the film history National Day box office champion

Release time: 2021-10-05 13:19:24 Tue Source: Hangzhou Net

In the National Day file of 2021, Wu Jing is a “busy man”, leading the two main theme movies, not only in “Changjin Lake” as the commander of the Seventh Company of the Volunteer Army to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, Wu Qianli is also in the “Chengfeng” unit of “Me and My Fathers” Served as the director and starring role.

According to the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, as of press time, the box office of actor and director Wu Jing’s main works (director or starring) reached 20.285 billion yuan in the box office rankings of individual movies, ranking second in the total box office rankings of movies starring actors in mainland China. Shen Teng ranked first with 20.472 billion yuan. There is a high probability that Wu Jing will surpass Shen Teng and become the number one individual at the box office in China.

On the 5th day of the release of “Changjin Lake”, the single-day box office reached a record high, ranking among the TOP24 box office lists of Chinese movies and entering the third place in the 2021 box office list. “Changjin Lake” is co-produced and directed by Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark, and Lin Chaoxian, starring Wu Jing, Yi Yanqianxi, Duan Yihong special starring, Zhu Yawen, Li Chen, Hu Jun, Han Dongjun starring in the anti-US Aid Korea film. The film will be released on September 30, 2021.

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As of 13:15 on October 5th, the total box office (including pre-sales) of new films in the 2021 National Day file reached 3.161 billion yuan. Among them, “Changjin Lake” continued to lead with a cumulative box office of 2.252 billion yuan, which officially exceeded “My Motherland and Me”. Scheduled box office performance, became the box office champion of the National Day box office in film history.

Author: reporter Shen Yanrong Editor: Zheng Haiyun

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