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“Check in!The second season of “Food Group” will be launched soon, and the depth and fun will be fully upgraded jqknews

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“Check in!The second season of “Food Group” will be launched soon, and the depth and fun will be fully upgraded jqknews

Dragon TV’s large-scale outdoor gourmet fun variety show “Check in! The official lineup of the second season of “Food Group”. Ding Yuxi, Liu Yuxin, Li Zefeng, Wang Meng, Yang Di, Zhai Xiaowen, etc. formed a “foodie group”, with the slogan “eat well and check in happily”, in the process of traveling, they explored the delicacies of the treasured cities and experienced the delicacies and humanities of different cities. style. The show is exclusively titled by Master Kong Juice Expert, and jointly produced by Dragon TV, Joy Media, and Chengdu Cultural Tourism. It is reported that the show will launch a pilot film at 9 pm on July 29, and every Saturday night from the 30th. Officially launched Dragon TV.

Rooted in Dragon TV’s new and old lineup alliance arouses expectations

In the newly released posters of the full lineup, Ding Yuxi, Liu Yuxin, Li Zefeng, Wang Meng, Yang Di, Zhai Xiaowen and others have expressions that are relaxed and natural, happy and a little nervous. Food at the table. There is a sticky note with the name of the city behind it, and the five cities are connected by dotted lines, implying that the foodie group will seek food all over the motherland, and it also indicates that this will be a journey of joy and challenges.

This season’s foodie group is composed of 3 old friends and 3 new friends. Ding Yuxi, “Frank Foodie”, “Happy Foodie” Yang Di, and “Trendy Foodie” Liu Yuxin have left many famous scenes in the last season. Ding Yuxi helped local passers-by and friends to fulfill their wishes, showing delicacy and tenderness; Liu Yuxin’s song guessing session and the correct answer perfectly missed the “black hole of the game”; Yang Di sang coquettishly to the guests to play the role of a social cow…

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There are countless wonderful moments in the last season, and the addition of new friends is equally exciting. Xi’an actor Li Zefeng has little experience in participating in variety shows. As a well-known hit drama actor, he doesn’t know what kind of sparks he has created with residents in various places during his travels? Wang Meng, who is straightforward and straightforward, what would it be like to have a hot comment on the food? The refreshing and handsome Zhai Xiaowen faced the challenge before the food, can he resist the temptation and complete it successfully? The second season, which is full of highlights and expectations, is about to bring a new wave of food memories.

Food map conveys “hot stalks” depth and fun

“Check in! The second season of “Food Group” continues the excellent chapter with the original intention. The program is in line with the life concept of contemporary people. Along with the form of completing the wish list, you can check in the food in different cities and learn about the cultural stories behind the food. The food map officially released before the broadcast can be described as a “hidden mystery”, with 6 cities hand-painted on the picture, spanning the north and south of the motherland. Each city is painted with local representative food, and the accompanying text is the dialect of each place, implying the dual power of the new season of the show on regional culture and Internet stalks. While exploring different flavors of food, cultural issues that resonate with down-to-earth dialects will attract more audiences.

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Explore the cultural origin with food as the support and experience the fireworks in the world

“Check in! The second season of “Food Group” unlocks new gameplay in urban culture. Wang Hailong’s team, who have filmed “Extreme Challenge” and “China‘s Got Talent”, is quite experienced in game settings and cultural presentation. Around the “food map”, group self-service travel, punch in and record food blockbusters under different routes of classic and niche travel. Such a content setting largely simulates the real food travel of each viewer, and you can get an immersive experience by watching the program.

I still remember that in the first season of the show, from Shanghai, where Baiwei converges, to Chengdu, which is slow-paced, it is not only the food from all over the world that continues to come out, but also the humanistic knowledge about the city, eating habits, and food history! Today, six MCs from different fields and different personalities have assembled a new group. This combination makes netizens curious about what sparks will be created, and what kind of collision will happen between the new and old members? In the recent Reuters recording of the program, guests dressed in various ancient costumes and tasted delicious food. Netizens said that they could not wait for the program to be broadcast.

The second season will continue to set out for food, but not only focus on food. The aroma and taste provoke the sense of smell and taste buds, as well as the urban cultural genes behind the food. A down-to-earth snack may contain the most touching love and warmth in the fireworks of the market. While the audience follows the foodie group to eat, they will also reap heartwarming stories that are worth cherishing in memory. Please look forward to Dragon TV’s “Check in! The pilot film of the second season of “Food Group” will be launched at 9:00 pm on July 29th, and it will be officially launched every Saturday night from July 30th at the prime time.

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