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Check the results of the draws for this Saturday, June 24, 2023

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Check the results of the draws for this Saturday, June 24, 2023

From Monday to Saturday the Quiniela de Córdoba is raffled. The usual draws are those of the Previous, First, Morning, Evening and Night.

Below are the numbers for the day.

More information on the Lottery channel of La Voz and Lottery of Córdoba.

Quiniela de Córdoba: what were the numbers of the Previa draw


Quiniela de Córdoba: what were the draw numbers for the First Division


Quiniela de Córdoba: what were the numbers of the morning draw


Quiniela de Córdoba: what were the numbers of the draw for the Vespertina


Quiniela de Córdoba: what were the numbers of the Nocturna draw

—-Draw for the Quiniela de Córdoba.

What is the Quiniela de Córdoba?

It consists of a contest of plays, understood as the association of a risk with an amount of money, subject to prizes, determined by one or more draws. It is considered a bet on this game, the quotient between the amount bet and the length of the play. The risk to which reference is made, and which is assumed by the bettor, entitles him, in the event of being successful in his bet, to multiply it by a certain number of times, according to the extent to which he would have risked his capital. For this reason, although it is not a processed game, the amounts of the prizes are not determined, but rather the multiplier factor of the bet.

How to play the Quiniela de Córdoba?

The bettor can choose if he wants to play with one, two, three, four or five Lotteries. If you choose a Lottery, everything bet will be taken as a bet for that draw exclusively and you will be awarded if the number appears in that Lottery only. If, on the other hand, you choose to play five Lotteries, the amount of the bet placed is divided into five, for each Lottery and if there is money left from that division by three, the remainder will add to the bet of the first Lottery.

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The minimum bet is $10.00 and the minimum amount established per ticket is $50.00, explains the Cordoba Lottery.

Types of bets: A first: it means that you only bet that the number will come out first. You can bet one figure, two figures, three figures or four figures. To the prizes: means that you bet that the chosen number will come out in second, third, fourth, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, or twentieth place. It can be a figure (only up to fifth place), two figures, three figures or four figures. It should be noted that you bet not on the position, but on the chosen range. For example, in the case of the tenth, you are betting that the number comes out in the first ten positions. Redouble: It means that you bet that two numbers (exclusively two digits) will come out in certain places.

Draws of the Quiniela de Córdoba

LOTTERY OF THE PROVINCE OF CÓRDOBA, carries out SIX QUINIELA contests from Monday to Friday (La Previa, La Primera de la Mañana, Matutina, Vespertina, Nocturna and La Turista), and FIVE on Saturdays (La Previa, La Primera de la Mañana , Morning, Evening and Night).

Each contest (except La Turista) is resolved by five different draws among themselves (Quiniela of the City of Buenos Aires (LotBA), Quiniela of the Province of Buenos Aires, Quiniela of Córdoba Quiniela of Santa Fe and Quiniela of Entre Ríos).

In the La Turista contest, in addition to the Córdoba Lottery, the Santiago Lottery and the Misiones Lottery are incorporated.

What is The Tourist?

It is the sixth contest of the Quiniela that raffles from Monday to Friday at 10:15 p.m. The extract is solved by three codes: Lottery of Santiago, Quiniela de Misiones and Quiniela de Córdoba.

What are the prizes?

A first: last figure: 7 times the bet last 2 figures: 70 times the bet last 3 figures: 500 times the bet last 4 figures: 3500 times the bet. To the prizes: 1 figure: the amount bet $ x 7 and the result divided by the number of places bet. Example: 7 at 5 $ 2. $ 2×7= 14%5= $ 2.8.- and this amount is multiplied as many times as this number has come up to five. (the number is considered as a unit of numbers. )2 figures: the amount bet x 70 divided by the number of the place bet. Example: 20 at $15 2 2×70= $140.- % 15= $9.33.- Likewise, this amount is paid as many times as the number has come out up to and including the fifteenth place. For the 3 figures the same method is used except that the amount is multiplied by 500. Example: 398 at 5 $ 10.- $ 10 x 500 = 5000% 5 = $ 1,000.- likewise this amount is repeated as many times as it is repeated this number up to and including tenth place. 4 figures: repeat the calculation mechanics, only that the amount is multiplied by 3,500. Example: 2398 at 5 $10.- $10 x 3500= $35,000 / 5= $7,000.- Likewise, this amount is repeated as many times as this number is repeated up to and including tenth place.

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Redouble: Redouble bets will be paid as follows: the prize obtained for the first bet is taken as the amount wagered for the second. Only those in which the first bet is made on the first prize and the second on certain prizes, will be understood to be made on the following ones, excluding the prize, that is, that the annotations up to five prizes of the second bet must be taken up to six. awards, and so on up to the twentieth.

Due to this circumstance, bets will not be allowed up to more than 19 prizes in the second bet, and if, despite this observation, a higher number is registered, it will be considered made at 19. In cases of repetition of the correct numbers, the amount of the hits will accumulate up to a maximum of 2000 times the value of the first bet. Example: 24 to 1st with 48 to 10th – $10 It is calculated: $10/1(amount bet) x 70 (prize coefficient) x 1 (number of times it is repeated) = $700 (prize first redouble bet and which will be the amount of the second redouble bet). $700/10 (amount bet) x 70 (prize coefficient) x 1 (number of replays) = $4900 (total prize amount).-

Where are the pool prizes paid?

In agencies, which are equipped with pool betting machines. These machines -connected to the Córdoba Lottery- ensure that the bettor can place bets up to minutes before the draws take place. Once the bet has been indicated, the bettor will receive a ticket as proof of his play, which will be the only valid proof to collect prizes if applicable, becoming effective in the same place where the bet was made.

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In the case of the Córdoba Quiniela, the Provincial Lottery carries out four traditional draws from Monday to Saturday (First in the Morning, Morning, Evening and Night).

The First in the Morning: 12 Morning: 15 Evening: 18 Night: 21

The meaning of the numbers of the Quiniela

00 Eggs01 Water02 Boy03 San Cone04 The bed05 Cat06 Dog07 Revolver08 Fire09 Stream10 Cannon11 Miner12 Soldier13 Yet14 Drunkard15 Girl16 Ring17 Misfortune18 Blood19 Fish20 The party21 The woman22 The madman23 Cook24 Horse25 Hen26 The mass27 The comb28 The hill29 Saint Pedro30 Santa Rosa31 Light32 Money33 Christ34 Head35 Little Bird36 Chestnuts37 Eucalyptus38 Stones39 Rain40 Cure41 Knife42 Slipper43 Balcony44 Jail45 Wine46 Tomatoes47 Dead man48 Talking dead man49 The Meat50 The Bread51 Saw52 Mother and son53 The Boat54 The Cow55 The Music56 The Fall57 The Hunchback58 Drowned59 The Plants60 The Virgin61 Shotgun62 Flood63 Marriage64 Crying65 The Hunter66 Worms67 Bite68 Nephews69 Vices70 Beggars71 Excrement72 Surprise73 Hospital74 Black People75 Kisses76 The Llamas77 Woman’s Leg78 Whore79 Thief80 The Bowl81 The Flowers82 The Fight83 Bad Weather84 The Church85 Lantern86 The Smoke87 Lice88 The Pope89 The Rat90 Fear91 Excuse92 The Doctor93 In Love94 Cemetery95 Glasses96 Husband97 Table98 Washerwoman99 brother

Clarification: La Voz is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may exist in this information. The only valid official list is the one provided by the Cordoba Province Lottery.

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