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Chelo Candia will paint a mural that pays tribute to the victims in Huincul – Diario RÃo Negro

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Chelo Candia will paint a mural that pays tribute to the victims in Huincul – Diario RÃo Negro

A new mural commemorating the explosion of the NAO distillery, in which three workers died – Fernando Jara, Víctor Herrera and Gonzalo Molina – will be captured in the city of Plaza Huincul by the plastic artist Chelo Candia. The work will be inaugurated today, one year and five months after the fact.

Laura Herrera, one of Víctor’s daughters, explained that although there is already a work in Cutral Co, they now decided to also be present in Huincul. They requested authorization from the municipality to use the wall that had political graffiti. “The idea is that it is a tribute to our relatives”said.

Chelo assured: “Actually I did the work for the t-shirts and all the dissemination on networks. We have to translate it into mural language, and know where the street goes, so you can see if you are going on foot or by car. That digital language is beginning to be translated.”

He pointed out that the most important thing is that “don’t forget, let there be memory”. “For me it will not only be a tribute to Gonza, Víctor and Fer, but also to their friends and family who kept this light. It will be a tribute to the struggle of the family members.he concluded.

The group will be on site to advance the mural and is expected to finish it this Thursday morning.

The explosion

In the early morning of September 22, 2022, the fire and explosion in one of the fuel oil tanks at the plant that the company New American Oil -NAO- has in the Plaza Huincul petrochemical park killed three night shift workers.

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While the judicial case is underway and awaiting the development of the trial for this year, the family members carry out different actions every 22 to make visible and keep what happened in the memory of the community.

On this occasion, the call was made to the plastic artist Chelo Candia, who traveled from General Roca to capture his work on a wall of a glass factory. The mural will be on Pedro Rotter Avenue, at the beginning of the Uno neighborhood, in Plaza Huincul.

There is another work that was painted on the wall of the Pampa neighborhood, in Cutral Co because two of the dead lived in that sector.

Because of the explosion and fire there are seven people accused. The prosecution charged five of them with the crimes of aggravated malicious damage and two were charged with negligent damage.

The accused were the plant manager at Plaza Huincul; the maintenance manager; a Safety and Hygiene professional, hired by NAO, and the plant manager as a Safety and Hygiene technician; in addition to the external auditor that the distillery had.

It is estimated that the trial could take place in March.

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