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Chen Linong’s “Heliocentric” MV is online to create a surreal alien and beautiful scene_Sun_Album_Performance

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Original title: Chen Linong’s “Heliocentric Theory” MV is online to create a surreal alien and beautiful scene

On January 21, Chen Linong’s new album “The Heliocentrism” with the same title song “Heliocentrism” MV was released! Full of the future space texture of the interstellar universe, Li Mu, a talented new actress, is invited to play affectionately and interpret a journey of exploration to enlarge the self. The MV is carefully crafted and contains profound meanings. I look forward to bringing you a different life experience.

The song “Theory of the Heart of the Sun” is about a pursuit of love, from worshiping outward, dedicating to love, and finally burning oneself inward and becoming a sun with its own light. In order to interpret the interaction between the planets and the sun mentioned in the MV, the director specially visualized such a concept and created a scene of an alien dimension. In it, Chen Linong plays a treasure hunter who collects ore on an alien planet, and is rescued by a botanist played by Li Mu when a flash of flames strikes too late to escape. The two people who were also in the alien planet gradually developed an ambiguous relationship, but they encountered a larger flash explosion, which could only end in tragedy. But in the midst of grief, there is still hope. The saved person has become his own sun, and he must guard the dream of two people forever.

In order to show the sense of the times and the fantastic visual style of the alien dimension, not only a strong visual scene scene, supplemented by a lot of post-production special effects, but also the male and female protagonists also specially created modeling clothes, so that they can be more integrated into the characters. However, the multi-layered and heavy styling clothes made Chen Linong suffer a lot when shooting. Running in heavy costumes in the sun on the outside made him sweat constantly. When he arrived in the shed, he kept putting on and taking off and rehearsing and performing back and forth, which also caused his hands to be injured due to friction. But in order to present the best sense of the picture, even if he is tired and in pain, Chen Linong will not cry out. Through continuous rehearsal and performance adjustments, as well as the mutual agitation between the male and female protagonists, the two people who met for the first time quickly “get to know each other”, often adding drama to each other during improv performances, in exchange for a lot of natural interaction. The performance really satisfies the play addiction.

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Chen Linong’s new album, titled “The Heart of the Sun”, was co-written by Jiawang and Xu Yuanting, who have swept major music awards in recent years, and was personally produced by Mr. Jiawang. Take on the responsibility of the main gist of the album. In “The Heart of the Sun”, Chen Linong also showed a different interpretation of his voice. He used soft tones to lay out words and sentences. At the end of the chorus, he tried his best to sing aloud. He heard his emotional transition from delicate to release, and his singing skills were even better. Floors.

Chen Linong’s new album “The Heliocentrism”, which all fans have been looking forward to for a long time, was officially launched on December 31 last year, and immediately received high praise from music critics and fans from all over the world. In addition to the super S-class creation and production lineup, the new album is highly praised. You can also hear the great growth of Chen Linong’s singing ability, as well as more infinite potentials that can be expected. Once the first wave of the title single “Xiangyang of the Beginning Heart” MV was launched, it instantly caused heated discussions on the entire Internet, and related topics were successively listed on Weibo’s hot search list. Ranked second on the hot search list and received extensive attention.

The MV of Chen Linong’s new album titled “Heliocentric Theory” is now online. It tells a warm and moving story from the macro perspective of the universe and the world. The aftertaste is long and memorable. But the story of interstellar exploration continues, let us look forward to the next beginning.Return to Sohu, see more

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