Home Entertainment Chen Xiao and his wife rarely show up!Wearing a couple’s outfit and queuing up to do nucleic acid | Canada Home

Chen Xiao and his wife rarely show up!Wearing a couple’s outfit and queuing up to do nucleic acid | Canada Home

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Chen Xiao and his wife rarely show up!Wearing a couple’s outfit and queuing up to do nucleic acid | Canada Home

Although Chen Xiao has been complained by netizens since he got married, his eyes have no light, so as to question his unhappy married life, but in fact he and Michelle Chen have always been very affectionate and often visit each other in private. On May 11, online A set of Reuters photos of Michelle Chen and Xiao Chen doing nucleic acid downstairs in their home were exposed.

Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi, who appeared on the same day, chose casual clothes to appear in a very tacit understanding, and they were also very uniform in wearing style. And judging from the state, although the two were isolated at home, they did not give up self-management of their bodies, especially Chen Yanxi wearing tight fitness pants, her buttocks were very eye-catching.

Let’s take a look at the little tricks that ordinary people can learn from the casual daily wear of Chen Xiao and his wife. Michelle Chen did not exercise in vain during quarantine!Wearing a couple’s costume with Chen Xiao to do nucleic acid, and wearing fitness pants to show your buttocks

Analysis of Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi’s casual style

Styling keywords: everyday.Simple, basic, comfortable

Modeling can be learned from point 01: maintain the three-color principle, the atmosphere is not out of date

First of all, from the perspective of color, Chen Yanxi and Chen Xiao have maintained the three-color principle matching method well.

And there is also a very obvious transition division between colors. A gray coat is used for the transition between the black peaked cap and the black slacks.

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In this way, a similar feeling is created, which lays the foundation for the whole look and is sexy. Finally, it is matched with small white shoes to brighten the whole look, which not only enriches the color but also creates an eye-catching effect.

Therefore, when carrying out the three-color principle collocation method, in addition to controlling the number of colors, it is best to highlight some connections between the colors we choose, which can be complementary complementary colors up and down, or extensions of similar colors. It is better to make the whole shape present a harmonious feeling.

Modeling can be learned from point 02: The combination of wide and tight tailoring creates comfort and shows the figure

Secondly, in the design of clothing tailoring, in order to better ensure the comfort of the shape, we can add a combination of width and tightness. Take this set of styles on Michelle Chen as an example. The hooded jacket on the upper body is obviously loose. Mainly style, can create a good sense of leisure.

However, the black bodybuilding fitness pants on the lower body are cut close to the body, outline the curve of the legs as much as possible, and show his fitness results. The shape presents a capable and handsome effect.

Modeling can be learned from point 03: decorations are indispensable, effectively improving the integrity of modeling

For daily casual wear, the selected clothing items are all very basic styles. Although the difficulty of matching is greatly reduced, it will inevitably give people a feeling of being too casual and simple.

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Therefore, in order to enrich the shape, and at the same time to make the whole outfit show a better fashion effect, we need to use some small accessories to improve it.

There are all kinds of hats that are more common. For example, the weather is hot now. Baseball caps, peaked caps, and fisherman hats have a high sense of existence. The black peaked caps worn by Chen Yanxi and his wife make the whole look a bit more handsome, and the brim of the hat is more handsome. Shadows can not only highlight the low-key feeling, but also modify the facial lines to form a small V face, serving multiple purposes.

Chen Xiao and his wife rarely show up!Wearing a couple’s outfit and queuing up to do nucleic acid, Michelle Chen wears fitness pants to get a good buttocks

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