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Chen Yitian’s love is work?Fans madly replied: My name is work

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  [Chen Yitian’s love is work? Fans madly replied: My name is work]Chen Yitian’s Weibo fans exceeded 4 million before, and it is inevitable that people who jealously said that Chen Yitian’s Weibo fans bought it! In fact, the communicator has no evidence, so did Chen Yitian’s millions of fans buy it?

Does Chen Yitian need to buy fans? He is one of the best in the entertainment circle for his versatility, and he has many celebrity friends in the circle. Moreover, Chen Yitian is very good at teasing fans. Does Chen Yitian need to buy fans?

Chen Yitian is a fanatic! On Singles’ Day, Chen Yitian posted on Weibo, “I’m Chen Yitian…My love is work…I like eating chicken…Watching movies…Playing video games…The king, etc. are all my favorites…Because I own you…so I don’t need to take off the order!”

As soon as this remark came out, Chen Yitian’s fans went crazy, and they responded like a queue, “My name is work”, “I am also called work”, “They don’t even know that my nickname is work Chen Yitian” and “I am work”! Chen Yitian’s fan is called Xiao Tiantian and there are kiwis. Kiwis are Chen Yitian’s favorite fruit. Chen Yitian is really good at teasing fans!

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