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Chilean Journalist Discovers Fiancé’s Scam

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Chilean Journalist Discovers Fiancé’s Scam

Journalist Cancels Wedding After Discovering Fiancé is Wanted Scammer

Ana Maria Silva, a prominent journalist in Chile, made headlines around the world after canceling her wedding upon discovering that her fiancé, Marcelo Becker, is a wanted scammer on Tinder. Becker’s modus operandi involves gaining the trust of his victims, making them fall in love, and ultimately leaving them with million-dollar debts.

Silva had announced her engagement at the beginning of November, sharing the news on social media and detailing plans for a wedding at the end of the month. However, just days before the scheduled event, she surprised her followers by announcing the indefinite suspension of the marriage, citing family matters as the reason. It later emerged that she had discovered her fiancé’s fraudulent activities and knew that a documentary was being prepared about him.

Becker, also known as the “prince of deception,” is reported to be 40 years old, with two children and two previous marriages. He presents himself as a commercial engineer and businessman, although it is suspected that this information may be part of his ruse. Victims of his scams have described him as kind and gentlemanly, but also noted his aggressive behavior.

The shocking revelation has sparked widespread interest and concern, shedding light on the dangers of online dating and the importance of being cautious when forging relationships with strangers. For Ana Maria Silva, the experience has been a difficult one, but it has also served as a cautionary tale for others.

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