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China’s First Taoist Culture-Themed Immersive Song and Dance Drama, “Legend Tai Chi Wudang”, to Debut at Wudang Mountain

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China’s first Taoist culture-themed immersive song and dance drama, “Legend Tai Chi Wudang,” is set to debut at the Wudang Mountain Tai Chi Theater during the National Day holiday this year. After three years of conception and nearly five months of intense rehearsals, the musical tells the story of the creation and inheritance of Tai Chi, with the life of Wudang Tai Chi master Zhang Sanfeng as the main storyline.

The 110-minute musical, performed by real people, combines the Taoist culture of Wudang Mountain with elements of Broadway and other stage drama performances. It incorporates music, songs, legends, dialogue, drama, and martial arts and dance performances to showcase the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Through rich scene design and situational theme story interpretation, “Legend Tai Chi Wudang” promises to be a visually captivating experience for the audience.

One of the major highlights of the show is its use of the popular “immersive” performance format. Breaking away from traditional theater viewing, the musical encompasses five performance areas, both inside and outside the 16,000-square-meter Tai Chi Theater. This allows the audience to have an “immersion + interaction” experience, involving different performance styles, including marching style and silent style.

The musical also makes use of multimedia technology to enhance the visual effects. Stage installations and digital multimedia technology are employed to recreate the prosperous market culture during the Yongle period and to showcase the beauty and grace of Tai Chi. The audience will be able to immerse themselves in the environment and have a truly extraordinary experience.

Directed by emerging film director and producer Fu Huayang, “Legend Tai Chi Wudang” has recruited more than 120 actors through nationwide auditions. Currently, 16 groups are in the synthesis drill stage after segmented rehearsals. The theater and stage renovation projects, as well as actor costume customization, are also in progress.

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During the “National Day” holiday period, the Tai Chi Theater is expected to bring an unparalleled audio-visual feast to the audience. With its unique mix of culture, technology, and immersive performances, “Legend Tai Chi Wudang” is set to be a must-see production for both locals and tourists visiting the Wudang Mountain Special Zone.

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