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Chinese Music Chart “Huayuyin Incubation. Industrial Base” “Music + Partner” recruitment officially launched_Radio_Brand_Project

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Chinese Music Chart “Huayuyin Incubation. Industrial Base” “Music + Partner” recruitment officially launched_Radio_Brand_Project

Original title: Chinese music chart “Huayuyin Incubation. Industrial Base” “Music + Partner” recruitment officially launched

“Huayuyin Incubation. Industrial Base”

“Huayuyin Incubation. Industrial Base” “Music + Partner” is jointly planned by “Chinese Musicians”, “Chinese Music Rankings” and “Chinese Radio Alliance”. Beijing Heli Feichang Culture Co., Ltd. operates the first nationally authorized music under the “Music + Partner” plan. Incubation concept base. Professional musicians such as well-known predecessors, teachers, pop, ethnic, senior singers, lyricists, songwriters and other professional musicians in the domestic music industry have joined in to provide professional and systematic guidance, development, management, and application of Chinese music at home and abroad. The operating model of the “Music + Partner” program. “Music+”, as the name suggests, uses music as the main medium to make music everywhere. Focus on providing a better growth channel for young musicians, combining different local policies and urban resource advantages, from music training, song production, cultural promotion, commercial performances, variety show peripherals, etc., cultural and creative projects, tourism projects, products, etc. Provide all-round support for projects such as sales and youth entrepreneurship, and provide cultural entrepreneurship brand endorsements in terms of brand authorization, resource docking, planning solutions, professional guidance, publicity, etc.; through the “Chinese Music Rankings” and the brand influence of its cultural projects power and popularity to drive the reputation and industry leadership of each enterprise project, so as to form a strong brand network system in the same industry across the country, achieve seamless contact, and hope to let more enterprises understand the use of “music +” to incubate and Helping the importance of excellent projects, understanding the importance of music media to the rise of various new industries, and using various resources to improve through brand authorization, project planning, star drainage, media promotion, online promotion, product entry, live broadcast delivery, etc. The layout of the industrial ecological chain and the establishment of a national financial media group have achieved opportunities for rapid development and brought support and assistance to various enterprises.

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The experience of 2020-2022 has made us understand how to make the enterprise have double insurance under the new form, and how to make the project more reliable. A good planning project is inseparable from every step from idea, practice to success. The efforts of the team, the allocation of resources and the help of the brand. I hope that the “Music + Partner” plan of “Chinese Music Ranking” and “Huayu Music Incubation Base” can help speed up the development of your business!

“Chinese Music Chart”(Chinese Music Charts) is a list of folk songs and pop music jointly organized by “Chinese Musicians Association”, “Chinese Radio Alliance”, Beijing Heli Feiyang Culture Co., Ltd. and 180 well-known domestic radio stations. It consists of 4 sub-column lists including “Chinese Music Popular List”, “Chinese Folk Song List”, “Chinese Cover List” and “Celebrity Visit”. This is the most sought-after collection of top Chinese music radio resources in the Chinese music industry in recent years. On the basis of establishing a music exchange platform, it will jointly promote the new star rankings of excellent Chinese music.

“Chinese Radio Alliance” (Chinese Radio Union) is a brand model jointly broadcast by global Chinese radio stations jointly created by Beijing Heli Feiyang Culture Co., Ltd. under the Chinese Musicians Association. After two years of successful trial operation, it was officially registered in Hong Kong on June 8, 2014, and now has 180 affiliated members of provincial, municipal and local radio stations across the country. Combined with the media advantages of national radio stations, the goal of maximizing radio media is achieved. This is also another new star brand media member of “Chinese Musician” after “Chinese Music Ranking”, “Chinese Music Popular List” and “Chinese Folk Song Ranking”. Broadcasting, promotion and production distribution.Return to Sohu, see more

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