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Chinese singer-songwriter Jae Li Li Tianci’s latest single “LoveU Goodbye” feels the distance between souls_YNET.com北青网

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On November 19, 2021, Chinese singer-songwriter Jae Li Li Tianci, the latest release of “This Girl” and “Good Thinking” left a deep impression on the audience on Spotify, winning 100,000 and 300,000 respectively. Play volume. With the assistance of the team, Jae Li Li Tianci and Leonard Wee, a music producer who has served as a composer, arranger, and orchestra conductor, co-created the latest single “LoveU Goodbye”.

The inspiration for this song came from a long distance relationship he experienced personally, and he shared the meaning of this song in the lyrics. The lyrics depict how a pair of lovers finally make a decision in the face of reality. If you don’t think far, don’t think about the length of time, maybe every couple who loves each other hope to stay with each other and never separate, but the reality is cruel. Sometimes, although people love each other, they still fail to come to the end together. Just like Jae Li Li Tianci wrote in his lyrics: “We are separated from the sea, love is not yet complete, I regret that I have to let go”. This is a painful memory of love.

Helen Peng, a well-known Asian-American TikTok Internet celebrity who starred in the MV with Jae Li Li Tianci. The extremely popular TikTok creator plays Jae Li’s lover in the MV. In stark contrast to the lyrics, the MV’s story recounts the beautiful memories of the lovers, and it is these memories that make their love uncomfortable. The purpose of this is to give this song a deeper emotional meaning.

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The song “LoveU Goodbye” has now been released on Spotify, Apple Music, KKBOX and other music media platforms. The official lyrics video will also be published on Youtube.

Music production:

Jae Li Li Tianci-“LoveU Goodbye”

Composer: Jae Li Li Tianci

Lyricist: Kelen Liang Xiaoyue

Arrangement & Production: Leonard Wee

Mixing/Mastering Engineer: Sam Sherbin

Published by Gushcloud International under GCX Music

Business Contact:

Fay Ying

Cristina Wu

About Jae Li (李天慈):

Prior to his transformation into an independent musician, Jae Li Li Tianci wrote lyrics and music for the Los Angeles music scene, Taiwanese TV series, and Singaporean singer-songwriter Joel Tan (Gentle Bones). Jae Li Li Tianci is an American-born Chinese singer-songwriter who grew up in Singapore. His music has a unique way of expression under the influence and growth environment of Eastern and Western cultures. In the creative process, Jae Li Li Tianci combines Western music production with Eastern melody to build a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. At the same time, his creation also comes from his real life experience, cordial and sincere, and can establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with the audience. This is what makes him unique as a singer-composer.

Editor in charge: Ren Xinyi (EN063)


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