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Chinese top ten American singer Alec Benjamin releases original Chinese single_chorus

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Original Title: Chinese Top Ten American Singer Alec Benjamin Releases Original Chinese Single

American original singer Alec Benjamin brought his second Chinese single “Growth”. This song was co-written by Alec, Charlie Puth, the lead singer of One Republic, and Ryan Tedder. The recognizable juvenile voice of Turtledove, combined with a fresh and sweet melody, uses Chinese lyrics to sing out the daily troubles encountered when entering adult life in one breath. In this fast-paced song, Alec challenged to sing 126 characters in 20 seconds in Chinese, and achieved the “Chinese Tenth Level” certification!

Alec Benjamin was born in Arizona in 1994 and now lives in Los Angeles. Inspired by music predecessors such as John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Paul Simon when he was young, he started his own songwriting and began to release original music works in 2013; among them, the 2018 single “Let Me Down Slowly” appeared Ranking in 25 countries, this big boy with a unique voice entered the public eye. In 2020, Alec and the popular mainland actress Zhao Lusi sang the Chinese adaptation of “Water Fountain”-“Wishing Pool”, and filmed a chorus video to interpret the sweetness, pain and growth that love brings to people. After the video was launched, the topic #赵露思繊餃合唱许愿池# ranked 19th in the hot search on Weibo. Not only actor Zhao Lusi is on his list of collaborations, but Billie Eilish and John Mayer have also had “dream linkages” with Alec.

When he was a teenager, Alec Benjamin, who had studied Chinese, released his first Chinese single “The Way You Felt” in June this year, which not only topped the European and American charts on major platforms, but also included Chinese songs. The list also rushed to second place! The Weibo topic #斑鸡中文首单# was listed in the hot search on the entertainment list on the first day of release, and the chorus challenge of “Your Eyes” initiated by the artist account has challenged the top position on the short video platform for a week, with a total of more than one thousand taels. million.

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“My music is loved on the other side of the earth. For me, it is the realization of a dream when I was a teenager. This is really great!” Alec said in an interview on the occasion of the release of “Older”. When the last single was released, my Chinese has improved a little bit… I also look forward to the opportunity to come to China again one day and sing these Chinese songs for everyone in person!”Return to Sohu to see more


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