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CHUCK RAGAN – Lyric Video zu „Echo The Halls“

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CHUCK RAGAN – Lyric Video zu „Echo The Halls“

HOT WATER MUSIC’s Chuck Ragan is also quite busy as a solo artist, and he has now released the single “Echo The Halls” via Rise Records.

“Many of the songs I discover and find myself drawn to come from love and reflection. This means that love and reflection are not always pleasant and often sometimes painful. For me, songwriting has always been about looking deeper into myself and overcoming my flaws and dark sides. Whether I find them myself or from loved ones. Echo the Halls is a simple love story about two troubled souls searching for a light at the end of a tunnel.”

“Echo the Halls is a simple love story about two troubled souls searching for a light at the end of a tunnel,” explains acclaimed folk troubadour Chuck Ragan about his new single, recently released via Rise Records/BMG.

„Echo The Halls“ Lyric Video:

Brimming with Chuck-isms, “Echo the Halls” has one foot firmly planted in the punk tradition that has carried him through much of his musical career as co-frontman of Florida’s Hot Water Music, and the other in the rootsy Americana of his solo career. With his unmistakably raw and warm voice rising anthemic over a driving rhythm section that complements his heartfelt lyrics, Chuck showcases the innate immediacy of his music that has made him a beloved songwriter and all-time darling of the press. In a musical life that has spanned nearly three decades, Chuck Ragan has always worn his heart on his sleeve while carving out a musical niche for himself. First with the post-hardcore pioneers of Hot Water Music and then on his own, he created a vast and uniquely powerful body of work whose honesty, immediacy and warmth have earned him the loyalty of a loyal international fan base who have followed him through his various musical incarnations . “It is a blessing and a privilege to be on stage and play music for people. I meet so many people out there and they are so welcoming and so nice and tell me such nice things about the songs. The support and energy I receive from them makes it possible for me to continue like this. And when I’m there and in that moment, it’s important to me to give it back to them as strongly as they give it to me.” – Chuck Ragan

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