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Clean is the new classic

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Clean is the new classic

Restoration Department: If you think you’ve read this post before, you’re right. Every once in a while I discover a post left behind during the move to the new hostel, and if I manage to recover it, it will be re-uploaded.
For example this post, which started as a column in Lashe in January 2021.

Clean is the new classic

It turns out that the Tiktok residents are obsessed with clean makeup, but when they say clean makeup, they don’t mean what I mean when I say clean makeup. Call it the generation gap but the fact is we don’t share a language and can’t even have a conversation about topics like makeup. In any case: when I say “clean makeup” I mean makeup products based on natural ingredients and when TikTok says “clean makeup” they mean a makeup look that makes you look clean, bright and radiant. Like Hailey Bieber after three hours of makeup by top professionals. In other words, the “clean makeup” of the Sumerians is the “classic makeup” of the Sumerians. Different from the trend that preceded it – a makeup look without makeup, here it is a fairly invested makeup look that at the end you look like the very rich version of yourself: “It is actually very similar to the makeup look without makeup, only it is presented on a very symmetrical face with great skin.” – The Cut. “It’s a look that suits someone who has the energy of a main character in the series״.

What are the cornerstones of the clean look?
Moist skin (meaning: not really wet, but one that indicates that you sleep enough, drink enough, consume enough chia seeds, avoid stress and don’t receive calls from the bank), shiny hair of someone who is still producing collagen herself and ruddy cheeks as if you just received a compliment.
The sources of inspiration for the trend are Hailey Bieber (of course), but also Shiv Roy in the third season of the masterpiece series “Heirs”, where the make-up and hair looks are also backed up by a “clean” wardrobe. That is: very classic.
By the way of Shiv Roy’s wardrobe (beige suits and gray cashmere turtlenecks), the clean look is not content to remain a make-up look and extends to other areas of life, The list of things you will have to wear and do if you want to embrace the spirit of things:
– Wear monochromatic clothes.
– accessorize with minimalist gold jewelry.
– Hiding behind big black sunglasses.
– Make sure your hair is clean, full of movement and shiny, or gathered in a low ponytail or an invested bun (as opposed to a bun whose strength lies in its neglect).
– Hold a fruit smoothie or a (reusable) water bottle in your hand.
What won’t you have to do? You won’t have to be really clean. The trend focuses on a clean look, and not on cleanliness as a value (therefore it does not conflict with the trend of the celebs who announced this year that they do not shower or that they do not make sure to bathe their children). The only cleaning you will have to take care of is cleaning your face at the end of the day. The clean look will not be processed with leftover makeup from yesterday.

A byproduct of the trend:
The word “clean” has become a compliment. From now on you can vary the compliments you give to your friends: they are no longer just beautiful or look really good today, they are “wow, you look really clean”, and apparently after two years of an epidemic this is an achievement that is not taken for granted.
Shiv Roy kit for beginners:

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You won’t believe it, but I managed to locate the links in the depths of the relevant folder on Pinterest, but since 3 years have passed, most of them no longer exist.
In any case, the Shiv Roy kit will include:
golfers / gold chain with pendant, preferably one that has been in the family for a long time / tailored jacket / coffee in a mug that looks almost corporate / soda / wristwatch
In an interview with Michelle Maitland, the costume designer of “Heirs”, she said that Shiv Roy’s taste in jewelry comes from her mother, a European with calm taste. Shiv Maitland’s jewelry was collected in vintage jewelry stores and some of them she pulled out of her private jewelry box.
A bonus that did not appear in the original version: the Jewish Shiv Roy version jewishshivroy#

It’s exactly the same: golf + chain, only instead of any chain, a chain with a shield of David:
01 bymorano
02 she-ra
03 Adi and Shay to the author
04 theydream
I have no way of retrieving which song accompanied the original post, but here is a beautiful song about love from 2021.

I heard they found a herd of whales
Somewhere off the coast of India
And they were singing songs
No one’s heard before
The songs were keeping them together
Knowing where each other was
In the darkness of the deep blue sea
Now tell me that’s not love

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