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CLEARxCUT – Age Of Grief

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CLEARxCUT – Age Of Grief

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In the run-up to their third album, CLEARxCUT done some things. The quintet around current and former members of such illustrious formations as Heaven Shall Burn, Implore and King Apathy (formerly Tränenkind), which is committed to Vegan Straight Edge and to everyone who defends this planet in their own way and makes it a better place, is now on the road with Lifeforce Records. In addition, the sound (metallic hardcore or metalcore instead of hardcore punk) and the line-up (one vocalist instead of two vocalists) have now become established. Stays with all changes „Age Of Grief“ true to the gripping force and the ideals of its German neighbors.

The opener “The Seventh Seal” is largely representative of this album, apart from the long intro. Behind it there is a bold approach with a sound that is somewhat reminiscent of the beginnings of metalcore, rough and core-heavy, without clear vocals, but at the same time accompanied by a lot of heaviness. The anger and energy in the vocal cords are immediately captivating, the breakdowns are massive. “Putrefaction”, which takes on a kind of sprint at times and at the climax dissects manic, oppressive melodic approaches with growing enthusiasm, takes a similar note. The deliberately raw sound gives the whole thing an unreal shimmer.

Melodic moments are rather rare overall, but they come along pretty damn well when the worst comes to the worst. This is exactly what happens in “Unwritten”, which already scores points with its sedate, doomy opening and is skillfully dismantled by bilious screams. A fine portion of clear vocals in the main part, accompanied by smaller harmonic guitar surfaces, knows how to surprise and actually manages to get under your skin. Catchy moments also appear in the short, suddenly drifting “Privilege”, although these are underlined by existential melancholy. In “Burial Shroud” they emphasize the metallic side of hardcore, which is still courageous.

This half hour is tough and can be unpleasant in the most pleasant sense. Not only do CLEARxCUT have something to say, their sound is getting better and better. Given the musicians involved, this development comes as no surprise, although the leap forward is more than enormous. “Age Of Grief” moves in the consciously raw metalcore direction and at the same time puts its own angry stamp on it. The German quintet finds an exciting middle ground between demolition, courage of despair and stirring melancholy, accompanied by massive breakdowns.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: April 26, 2024
Available via: Lifeforce Records (Membrane)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/p/CLEARxCUT-100062936964876
Instagram: www.instagram.com/xclearxcutx

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