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Club Tenco embraces the talent of Ornella Vanoni

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Club Tenco embraces the talent of Ornella Vanoni

“Her latest album is entitled” Unica “: Ornella Vanoni is a truly unique artist, with 61 albums to her credit, who has collaborated with the greatest authors in the world and almost all the Tenco Awards, from Dalla to De André , from Paoli to Mogol, from Fossati to Lauzi ». Stefano Senardi, legend of Italian discography, this evening, at 9 pm, will take the stage of the Sanremo Casino Theater in the introductory part of the event dedicated to Vanoni: «For you, Ornella – Evening of words and music». She will be the first artist to receive the Special Tenco Award created by the Tenco Club especially for her.

The Lady of the Italian song will be welcomed by a talk show in the company, as well as the record company Senardi, of other dear friends: “Mauro Pagani, who also produced his latest work, Fabio Ilacqua, a young singer-songwriter who wrote several songs for her and Antonio Silva, historical conductor of the Tenco Award – continues Senardi – We will have a chat and, knowing Ornella, it will be very funny: among the artists of his generation, with a long world career, he is characterized by a great sense of irony and depth unique cultural. You are very attentive to today’s artistic ferments. Having canceled the summer tour, it is one of the very few occasions to see her on stage, with the exception of her participation in the Concertone on May 1st in Rome. Again, she will be a record for an artist of her experience: she wants to take part because she is very worried about youth unemployment. She will be a “super godmother” ».

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In the evening at the casino Ornella Vanoni will be accompanied on the piano by Fabio Valdemarin. Senardi again: «She will pay homage to Luigi Tenco, interpreting some songs like« Far away »,« You’ll see you will see »and« Hello love ». Then, his great classics, from «Tomorrow is another day» to «For a friend» and passages from the latest album, such as «A smile inside the cry». A unique, exclusive and unrepeatable evening for many reasons, in a dimension congenial to her: a version of chills piano-voice “. Senardi concludes: «Ornella is a courageous artist, who wanted to make an album of unpublished works, with attention to new authors such as Pacifico, Sangiorgi, Consoli and Gabbani. Club Tenco wants to reward her, pay her a dutiful homage with an event not to be missed ». –

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