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Coldiretti: “No to moving upstream of the railway to Albenga”

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Coldiretti Savona is firmly opposed to the doubling and moving upstream project of the railway in the Albenga plain. “This is – reads a note – a possible intervention that would, once again, to the detriment of agricultural land and families who for generations have carried on traditions and culture by drawing sustenance from the land and generating induced activities for the Savona area: the new railway line would lead to the sacrifice of an additional 100 hectares of the most fertile Ligurian land and it is estimated that around 80 companies would be forced to close with consequent loss of work for hundreds of workers. There is no advantage even from a logistical point of view: the project will not help agricultural enterprises in the transport of goods because there is no intermodality “.

“In addition to the very serious environmental damage – continues the note – we must also take into consideration the loss of the service offered by the current railway station: the new line would in fact be built far from urban centers, creating disservices for citizens and users who use daily the service to reach the workplace or school; there would also be a serious impact on tourism with visitors who would be forced to travel kilometers to reach places of interest ».

«It is a project to which, like Coldiretti Savona, we are firmly opposed. – affirm the President Coldiretti Liguria Gianluca Boeri and the Provincial Director Antonio Ciotta- The most serious thing is that the promoters of the project, to date, have not even bothered to deal with the agricultural entrepreneurs of the area, perhaps because they are already aware of what it will be serious damage to local agriculture; not to mention the logistical absurdity of the project for citizens and tourists. We cannot in any way accept an intervention that would not bring any advantage for the agricultural system of Albenga but, on the contrary, only losses. It is necessary to find alternative solutions such as, for example, the optimization of the line currently in operation ».

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