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Collab is born, a laboratory of creativity made in Italy by Acqua di Parma and Ied

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Collab is born, a laboratory of creativity made in Italy by Acqua di Parma and Ied

Collab is the name of the new Acqua di Parma project in collaboration with
the European Institute of Design (Ied): a creative laboratory that will come to life from 4 to 10 April both online and in the Acqua di Parma boutique in via Gesù 1 in Milan where six Italian designers will propose six different themes to create an exclusive collection of 300 bottles.

A dynamic and surprising contamination of techniques, visions and colors that express the most advanced trends in art and visual communication in a mix of all-Italian creativity. Starting from their personal style, the artists have revisited themes deeply rooted in Italian culture and identity, from popular traditions to the magnificence of architecture.

Anna Spreafico in Sky Signs is inspired by the starry skies painted on the ceilings of churches, the zodiac and the glass art of Venice. Margherita Caspani, in her Animalia, brings to life the imagination of the gladiators of Ancient Rome and stages a playful dance between men and beasts. Claudia Bernardi chooses for Play With Me a cornerstone of Italian culture, playing cards, and decorates her bottles with hearts, spades and other symbols typical of card iconography. Lucrezia Viperina takes us on a journey through Italy, recreating the most iconic monuments, while Sara Brienza explores the themes of mysticism and luck through traditional symbols such as ladybugs, chillies and horseshoes. Finally, Paolo Moscheni expresses an inclusive and universal vision of hope, friendship and love.

The Collab project was born with the intention of creating a co-creation laboratory, through which customers can customize their own bottle of one of the Colonies together with the selected artist. Whatever the chosen theme, customers will have the opportunity to give the final result their own personal touch, whether it is their zodiac sign in SkySigns, a Roman numeral of their choice in Animalia or a bandana with a personal message signed by Paolo Moscheni.

On acquadiparma.com you can buy your favorite cologne in the 180ml format, select the artist and book an individual session, which will take place at the Milan boutique, transformed for the occasion into a real creative laboratory where customers can live a direct experience interacting with the artists and seeing the small personalized work of art born before your eyes. With the aim of making the initiative inclusive and available throughout Italy and Europe, the individual session with the artist can also be held online, through the appropriate platform on the Acqua di Parma website and with the delivery of the final product at home. .

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