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“Collaboration with sincerity and happiness” rural revitalization workplace reality show “Vigorous Us” will be broadcast on 12.24-China Entertainment Network

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“Collaboration with sincerity and happiness” rural revitalization workplace reality show “Vigorous Us” will be broadcast on 12.24-China Entertainment Network

Tianjin Satellite TV joins hands with the National Rural Revitalization Bureau, the Propaganda Department of the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Tianjin Cooperation and Exchange Office, the People’s Government of Hexi District, Tianjin, People’s Daily Media Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Food Group, JD Technology, Yuzhilin and other departments and enterprises , the large-scale original variety show “Vibrant We” jointly created on the theme of rural revitalization will premiere on Tianjin Satellite TV every Saturday at 21:20 from December 24. It is the first time that local satellite TV has realized joint broadcasting, and the exclusive network broadcasting platform of this program is Tencent Video.

As the first large-scale variety show in the country that cooperates and supports cooperation between the East and the West, “Vibrant Us” invites eight rural brand officials to compete on the “Rural Revitalization” stage. They will create a new brand of “Chaonong” from scratch to help Sales of agricultural products in Gansu area, competing for the title of “Village Brand Promotion Ambassador”.

In the program, eight rural brand officials with both “appearance and strength” will create the first batch of rural trendy products for a brand-new East-West collaborative brand “Jin Xiaogan”, and continue to promote its market sales, taking the help of developing rural brands. Nongxin Road. A mentor group composed of agricultural experts, e-commerce experts, food industry experts and public welfare stars will comment on the contestants and bring more brand concepts, marketing skills, workplace rules and social thinking to the audience. Yang Lan, a well-known host and media entrepreneur who is deeply loved by the audience, and famous domestic actors Zhang Meng, Huang Yi, and Jiang Yiyan have joined the ranks of mentors. “Vibrant Us” will use agricultural products as a kaleidoscope, from which we can see the growth challenges of “building a brand and bringing goods” and the trendy style of China’s new villages. It will also provide a vivid textbook for newcomers in the workplace. canon.

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  Jingan cooperates to create a new brand of “Jinxiaogan”

Mountains and seas are connected, Jinlong love is deep. In recent years, under the vigorous promotion and guidance of the National Rural Revitalization Bureau, Tianjin and Gansu have joined hands to paint a colorful scene of “rural revitalization” and pave the way for “common prosperity”.

With the original mission of “sincerity and sincerity, cooperation and happiness”, “Vigorous Us” will focus on public welfare and agricultural assistance, focusing on propositions such as the creation of new regional rural brands and the marketization of high-quality agricultural products in Gansu. Eight rural brand officials walked into the countryside to understand the production process of agricultural products, build a new brand from scratch, innovate the brand operation model, help high-quality agricultural products to develop sales channels, and open up a new situation of public welfare and agricultural assistance. As “the first large-scale variety show in the country that cooperates and supports cooperation between the east and the west”, the program innovatively combines “rural revitalization” with “brand building” and “program production”, which is a concrete manifestation of Tianjin’s support for the industrial development of paired assistance areas and vivid interpretation.

  Fairies fight to draw a hundred scenes of rural revitalization

“The Vibrant We” starts from the perspective of creating star agricultural products. In this challenge of “building a brand and bringing goods”, it strives to use more realistic descriptions, a more youthful perspective, and a younger expression to give a real story. An effective model for talents to help rural revitalization.

Eight rural brand officers with different growth backgrounds and learning experiences have their own strengths and flashes. For example, Qu Baiyu, an idol with sales talent, has moved from the entertainment industry to the commercial field. Although he has no experience but is not afraid, he is full of combat effectiveness; product”; Zeng Bo, a craftsman majoring in design, has become a talent that the team competes for because he is good at visual design; Chen Ruyi, who is in the art and fashion industry, strives to use art to build urban-rural connectors; A funny man from Northeast China with his own humor and contestant Song Jiachang, his looks and IQ are both online…

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No matter where they come from, these rural brand officials all have a deep sense of rural revitalization and have outstanding brand planning capabilities. A powerful fight between gods and gods is about to be staged, not only giving all young people who are confused about the workplace a “new answer sheet for the youth workplace”, but also showing the audience a picture of the hundred scenes of rural revitalization that is both in-depth and interesting.

  Challenging youth without regrets to paint a flying picture of rural revitalization

On the basis of profound conception, the design of the assessment section of “The Vibrant Us” is also full of stimulation and challenges. The content of the 12 episodes revolves around the stages of brand birth, packaging, marketing, and actual combat. The program sets up five assessment stages for eight rural brand officials to examine their brand planning ability, product application form upgrade ability, product visual form upgrade ability, Offline event planning ability, consumer marketing ability, online promotion ability, online live broadcast operation ability, business negotiation ability and product release presentation ability. The program invites big names in the marketing industry and executives of Tianjin Food Group as assessors to provide richer and multidimensional feedback and opinions for rural brand officials, improving professionalism and visibility.

The challenge mode setting of step-by-step promotion is not only an advanced journey for rural brand officials, but also shows the integration of rural revitalization strategies and actual results in the form of programs. In addition, Tianjin and Gansu also took the opportunity of program production to upgrade industrial cooperation, explored the use of local primary agricultural products in Gansu as raw materials, processed and manufactured with the entire industrial chain of Tianjin safety standards, and marketed with JD.com’s advanced e-commerce concept. Create a brand-new fast-moving consumer brand “Jin Xiaogan” in cooperation between the east and the west, and strive to jointly activate the new industrialization road of rural brands, and compose the love of Jinan, mountains and seas in the new era!

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General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that “the key to rural revitalization lies in the people and the key.” “Vibrant Us” is like a magnifying glass, capturing subtle touches, stimulating youthful demeanor, promoting industrial revitalization with talent revitalization, and comprehensively promoting local development in Gansu, and hopes to create and explore more characteristic rural revitalization paths and models. From December 24th, every Saturday at 21:20, Tianjin Satellite TV’s “Vigorous Us” will take you to compose a new picture of rural revitalization.

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