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Comedy animation film “Tea No. 2 Middle School” reveals the “campus fight for dad” trailer to see through boys’ “true faces” in one minute_Story_Creator_Team

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Comedy animation film “Tea No. 2 Middle School” reveals the “campus fight for dad” trailer to see through boys’ “true faces” in one minute_Story_Creator_Team

Original title: Comedy animation film “Tea Second Middle School” reveals “campus fight for dad” preview for one minute to see through boys “true face”

Sohu Entertainment News recently, the “100%” comedy animation film “Tea No. 2 Middle School”, which will be released on July 14, has released a trailer and poster for the “Dad” version of the campus competition. In the film, the boy group made its debut, showing the friendship of boys who “call each other ‘father and son’ when there is nothing to do, and both sides when there is something to do”. After bursting with laughter, people exclaimed, “The movie really understands boys very well”! The film was created by the original crew of the TV series “Tea Second Middle School” of the same name. After five years of meticulous polishing, the first film tells the story of the soul exchange between the “crazy” head teacher and the “student”.

This is so “masculine”, the most authentic illustration of Chinese boys

The newly released trailer presents the images of several boys with very different personalities in a way of “telling the truth”, which can be called the most authentic illustrated book of Chinese boys. The typical characteristics of several boys are magnified in the film: one is “happiness that only boys can understand”. The “childish” tricks of “superheroes”, the huge contrast between the front and the back makes people laugh; the second is the friendship between boys who “have nothing to do with father and son, and things to do with brothers”. As the title of the trailer of “Campus Struggle for ‘Dad'” says, as long as a brother encounters difficulties, the usual gags will definitely turn into a “jianghu” loyalty to help each other.

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In addition to continuing the hilarious style of “Tea Second Middle School” as always, the trailer’s presentation of Chinese-style youth is particularly real. Everyone’s school days have more or less the shadow of the boy group of “Tea Ah No. 2 Middle School”: the hot-blooded idiot who likes to show off, the chubby guy who always holds snacks in his hand, the misbehaving three-good student… ..The vivid characters and storylines in the film make you feel that the story of “Tea Second Middle School” seems to be happening around you.

The audience’s strong resonance with the film is inseparable from the creative team’s deep insight into campus life. Most of the stories of “Tea No. I went to the middle school to collect folk songs, and followed the students for three months. Only by being loyal to the real material selection and solid playwriting ability can I create an authentic and interesting campus youth story.

5 years of polishing, 9 minutes to 90 minutes of growth

It has been 9 years since the “Tea No. 2 Middle School” series IP started in 2014. Compared with the original 9-minute rough animation short drama, the movie version of “Tea No. 2 Middle School” has more advantages in story design and character precision. , screen accuracy and other aspects have a higher standard of presentation. The audience has maintained a very high evaluation of the series of “Tea Second Middle School” (Douban average score 9).

It took 5 years to make the movie “Tea Second Middle School”, and it took 3 years to polish the script alone; even in the promotion of the film, the producer and Wang Qiang’s voice actor Xing Yuanyuan broadcast live every day as the protagonist Wang Qiang , to promote the film. The main creative team of “Tea” showed 200% sincerity in dealing with the works and the audience. This gives us reason to believe that on July 14, the movie “Tea Second Middle School” produced by Ningyu Animation and Caitiaowu Films will definitely bring you a huge surprise.Return to Sohu to see more

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