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Compared with the mainstream NFT market in 2021, Ouyi NFT has obvious advantages_Encryption

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Original title: 2021 mainstream NFT market comparison, Ouyi NFT has obvious advantages

Compared with the mainstream NFT market in 2021, Ouyi NFT has obvious advantages

When NFT has become an insatiable chat inside and outside the crypto circle, the trading volume of NFT is also growing. Taking the data from Cryptoart.io, the current value of crypto art is about 490 million US dollars, of which more than 170,000 works have been sold. In March alone, the total transaction volume of the encrypted art platform reached 200 million U.S. dollars, a record high.

Under the general trend of NFT, various NFT trading platforms have also improved the NFT trading market from all aspects. When the new and old forces start to fight, how to choose has become a difficult problem for novices. Therefore, this article sorts out the characteristics of several mainstream NFT trading platforms, secondary sales fees, commissions, handling fees, etc., and may be able to shed light on your new directions.


“OpenSea” is an early entry in the industry. The target user is an overseas NFT trading platform, covering various parts such as digital art, encrypted currency, game goods, virtual land, and domain names.

OpenSea is more “friendly to the people” than other NFT trading platforms. Everyone can create and sell NFTs for free, and there is no need to pay any gas fees. However, opensea also has a significant disadvantage, that is, when using an OpenSea account for the first time, and after the goods are sold, they need to pay a gas fee. For new users, it is not very friendly.

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SuperRare is a social network platform for art creators and collectors. Its smart contract platform allows artists to publish limited-edition digital art collections tracked on the chain, which are rare, verifiable and worth collecting.



The Ouyi NFT market is a one-stop trading platform focusing on the NFT field just launched by OK platform, and it is the first comprehensive market on the OEC public chain. Compared with other platforms, it has obvious advantages. The Ouyi NFT market has both primary and secondary market functions, and users can directly trade after the completion of the NFT casting. In the Ouyi NFT market, users can easily create, sell, and collect rare digital artworks. It not only enables artists to obtain a new source of income, but also provides collectors with a place to collect and trade. It also has its powerful asset kanban function. The asset kanban provides multi-chain, multi-wallet, and multi-asset management functions. On one interface, You can track the asset portfolio of multiple public chains with different DeFi protocols. Whether it is tokens, DeFi revenue or NFT collections, you can see it at a glance, and you no longer need to switch between multiple applications.

These platforms, in combination, recommend the new Ouyi NFT market. From the user’s point of view, it integrates many innovative gameplay methods. Blind box, auction, mining, etc. are currently the most popular, while all the functions of the traditional NFT trading platform, Ouyi NFT has all the functions, but it is not powerful. Single, but also has more characteristics.Return to Sohu to see more

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