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concert #38: michael kiwanuka @ metastadt | 07/11/2022

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concert #38: michael kiwanuka @ metastadt |  07/11/2022

an evening full of soul, groove, magic and grasshoppers: “michael kiwanuka” was in the meta city and gave us a very nice evening!

it was monday, the working week was beginning, but at the same time i knew: the concert days in the meta city were finally starting! full of anticipation, after a day in the air-conditioned office, i made my way to the sizzling meta-city site, which is quite far away. when i arrived was “lou asril“ in the process of enchanting everyone present with his soul. but i had to get my bearings first: i walked around the site, treated myself to a portion of fries and met a few friends along the way, with whom i exchanged a few words. it felt good to finally be there, on this site full of brick buildings, in front of a stage and between some trees!

admittedly, my knowledge ofmichael kiwanuka” was more than expandable, but you don’t always have to know every artist by heart to be able to enjoy their music live. so i tried to get involved, to the groove, to the beats, to the velvety voice. the stage background was a kind of spiral – did “michael kiwanuka” not only want to hypnotize us with his songs but also with the stage design? I will probably never know.

sometimes we got danceable, groovy songs thrown around our ears, sometimes sensitive ballads, which found support in addition to the beautiful, natural twilight and the pretty stage lighting. it was a bit magical when the glittering stage lights spread over the audience and at the same time the cloudy sky shimmered in the sunset.

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and just as i was about to savor this moment of concert magic to the full, i suddenly noticed that something was crawling around in my hair. as i felt my hand around on my head i suddenly felt a grasshopper ready to jump. He landed on the ground right in front of me and I was so shocked that I immediately ran a few rows further back. this experience had a lasting effect on me, because for the rest of the evening i imagined that i still felt something on my head… but neither tactile nor mirror controls could confirm that.

when at some point the hit “cold little heart” sounded, i was able to put aside my grasshopper experience, at least for this song. i rocked back and forth and could literally melt into this beautiful anthem.

my week couldn’t have started better: i was able to watch the complete set, then scurried to the s-bahn station and was able to catch the train home in the very last second (and therefore didn’t have to wait 30 minutes for the next one). what a nice and cozy evening – in the future I will give groovy, soulful concerts a chance more often, especially if they are able to turn a monday into a nice experience!

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