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concert #4: spanish love songs @ arena | 02/06/2024

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concert #4: spanish love songs @ arena |  02/06/2024

“Spanish Love Songs” played in the super-full, sold-out small hall of the arena – and the Vienna Concert was spontaneously there too!

It was Tuesday, it was my birthday, I was sitting alone in my home office and whining to myself because I didn’t really know what to do with the evening. I really wanted to go to the small hall of the arena that evening, but it was impossible to get tickets for the sold-out show of “Spanish Love Songs”.

That’s why I was already working on an alternative program: go to the museum and then go to my favorite Italian restaurant with my partner? And while I was thinking about it, a very special message suddenly reached me among the numerous birthday messages: a very lovely person not only wrote me “happy birthday” but also that she had organized two tickets for “Spanish Love Songs” for me that evening. I was suddenly completely saturated with love and gratitude, I couldn’t believe it, how had she done that and why did she just do that for me? I almost fell over with joy! (thank you again sooooo much dear v.!!!)

I immediately sent my partner a message saying “change of plans! “We’re going to the arena today” and attached the timetable, which immediately dampened the mood a bit. The main band of the evening was supposed to start at 10:30 p.m. uffff. I added, “Taxi home is on me,” because after all it was my birthday, so you can treat yourself to a little decadence. Anyway: arena for your birthday, what could be better!

We arrived on time for the first opening act “shoreline” at. We placed ourselves at the back and were quite surprised that the music we heard wasn’t that bad. The only bad thing was: our place. Because people were constantly snaking past and after a while it got tiring. A little later we scurried to the bar, got drinks, met some friends along the way and waited anxiously for the next band “heart attack man“. This time, however, we no longer wanted to have the thankless passage places, so we cheated our way to the front right during the break. a good place if you like space!

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“Heart Attack Man” delighted us with classic pop-punk rock and a lot of jumping and show! In any case, I felt very warmed up and prepared for the last band of the evening. and then at some point, very late in the evening, it happened: “spanish love songs“ entered the stage! Bathed in the most beautiful light, they began to perform their songs – the driving numbers were quickly joined by an oversized portion of emotions. It was incredibly nice to see how singer Dylan Slocum was able to really get involved in his soulful performance. he sang decisively, plaintively and very impressively. I was pretty blown away!

I kept looking around, seeing the people dancing and singing along and how they were all celebrating this moment. I was so grateful and so happy that I could still spend my birthday in the arena and not have to think about anything except existing. And that’s what I found so valuable that evening: switching off, just being. As is actually the case at most concerts anyway, but at that point it was twice as great!

“Spanish love songs” continued to perform cheerfully and gave us one hit after another. Of course, the over-the-top hit “Haunted” was only heard towards the end, but it was really something special. Maybe I even cried a little because of joy, but can you blame me after that spontaneous gift of concert tickets? In addition to the songs, there were also a few words to the audience and I was very happy that the group was very likeable (that’s not always the case). In any case, the entire evening was a real dream – good music, lots of friends and this wonderful arena – I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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