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concert #41: the kooks @ metastadt | 07/17/2022

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concert #41: the kooks @ metastadt |  07/17/2022

heartwarmingly beautiful: “the kooks” conjured up a smile on the faces of the audience as well as themselves with their delightful summer open-air concert in the meta city.

it was another sunny day in the metacity that ended with a leisurely gig by “my ugly clementine“ started. the common thing about concerts that take place during the day: the stage lights don’t come into their own. so my ugly clementine had to bring movement onto the stage and did so with one song: they jumped around and sometimes performed kneeling. a few people in the audience rocked along, many just stood there while i escalated slightly from my love for music. i really like the band and enjoyed every second of their performance!

I didn’t like the second band or the second artist of the evening less: “thees uhlmann“. I don’t know why, I’ve somehow developed an aversion to German-language music in recent years. so i only scurried to the stage during the hits and otherwise i looked around the site to see what there was to see (and eat and drink)! not bad to have time for something like that.

it was still relatively light but it was already time for “the kooks“. with the song “seaside” they started their set very quietly but hit the heart of their audience. immediately everyone sang along, immediately they had everyone present on their side. they were also in a really good mood that day – i would even say i had never seen the band in such a good mood.

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singer luke pritchard posed in a casual unbuttoned white shirt at all corners and ends of the stage. and a little later he took his poses to an even higher level: he unpacked his sunglasses! we were allowed to observe all of this while the sun slowly went down, the warm yellow-orange-red stage light began to take effect and we enjoyed countless hits: “ooh la”, “she moves in her own way” and “shine on”. “ gave us satisfied facial expressions and a few tears of joy.

in between, newer songs were placed and checked for hit suitability. you get the austrian audience mainly through hits and at some point it was there, the hit block everyone was waiting for: “cold heard”, “always where i need to be”, “do you wanna” and “junk of the heart” . I still get heartbroken when I think about it. the mood was so good, so hugging, so warming!

the band scurried off the stage and then came back on stage for a few encores. as the very last song we were all allowed to sing along loudly to “naive” and there was an unbelievable feeling of togetherness – the audience choir and the happy, smiling band, that’s exactly what you always wish for at the end of a concert. what a beautiful, successful evening!

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