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concert #42: patti smith @ arena open air | 07/21/2022

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concert #42: patti smith @ arena open air |  07/21/2022

heat, love, volume: “patti smith” made us happy with a hot arena open-air concert and all sorts of specials!

the heat wave in vienna was in full swing, the forthcoming arena open air made me sigh a little – even more heat in the form of a crowd in front of the stage. but “patti smith“ was announced for two concerts in a row and you don’t let such an icon go because of high temperatures. so we made our way to the scene and secured ourselves a good place in one of the front rows.

when “patti smith” came on stage she not only sang the first songs and posed to them, but also recited a poem and she told us that the heat was a bit exhausting for her. I was relieved – sometimes I think I’m just whining about the heat. i felt connected to her and hated the heat for her a bit. to counteract the heat, she began to braid her hair while she sang and threw her black blazer behind her. i was a bit surprised right away and knew: this woman must have an incredible amount of energy – and that wasn’t just because of the strong throw of the blazer.

her energy came out in addition to her attitude and her performance, especially in her voice – she sang fervently, passionately and animating. but her band also got involved – and so the guitarist was also allowed to prove his vocal organ several times, for example on the lou reed cover “walk on the wild side”. i have to admit, i’m not that familiar with the music of patti smith – so it wasn’t so easy for me to pick out the big hits, because every song sounded like a hit and the die-hard fan audience could sing along every syllable. At the latest with the over-the-top mega-hit “Because the Night” even I, who knew nothing, was able to live out my singing along.

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in addition to many songs, personal anecdotes and political announcements were not neglected – right at the end of the encore song “people have the power” patti smith kept shouting “use your voice!” at us. and she thanked us for the evening in one of her favorite locations.

it was a beautiful, inspiring evening and long overdue to see this living legend live. i took a lot away from this performance, also that it is not always so important to hit every note, but that it is much more important to show love for what you do. and “patti smith” showed an incredible amount of love – for the arena, for your band, for your son in your band, for your music, for your audience.

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