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concert #49: archive @ ottakringer brewery | November 2, 2023

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concert #49: archive @ ottakringer brewery |  November 2, 2023

Dark, clanging, driving but bathed in the most beautiful light: “Archives” were guests at the Ottakring brewery!

Okay, the most important information first: the Ottakringer brewery is not my preferred place to watch a concert. Because if you don’t get there early enough, you simply won’t see anything thanks to the metal stands or only to a very limited extent. That evening we were there very early, but this time it wasn’t the metal standers that seemed to be the problem, but the oversized audience: honestly, I had never seen so many huge men in one place. So the question of all questions was: who would rather block my view, the metal parts or the giant men?

At the beginning the crowd was still loose, so we were able to easily see the support band “joycut“ from Bologna in Italy. At first the group hid behind the instruments, but at some point the band thawed out and the singer delivered a beautiful, dark synth-rock show while raising his arms and being bathed in the most beautiful light. It was an unexpectedly beautiful and good concert!

And then at some point it got serious: the big men pushed forward, it became more and more crowded in the front rows and the floor became more and more sticky because more and more drinks were spilled due to the pushing and shoving. and then the London band came “archive“Finally on stage! It quickly became clear: the light show was the highlight that ran through the entire performance. The lights were so atmospheric and so well matched to the music, I was really delighted with it.

I was also delighted by the music: I’m not actually an active archive listener, but when I heard the fast, clattering beats and the motivated band was completely absorbed in their performance, I knew I was in the right place at the right time. In fact, the group’s clanging basic tone fit well into the walls of the Ottakringer brewery; this industrial feeling was incredibly well preserved in this hall.

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Besides the wonderful light and wonderful music, the viewing area was less wonderful. Over time, a giant had positioned himself directly in front of me and despite being in the third row, I could only see parts of the stage. There’s no need to even begin to talk about the infinite lack of space. But I was always allowed to look forward for one or two photos and once I could even see a singer on stage. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out more about it, also because the band wasn’t particularly keen on telling stories.

Well, the attributes of interaction and information couldn’t quite be met, but the fans got their money’s worth both musically and visually. Yes, it was really a joy to follow the goings-on on stage, and I saw that joy on their faces when I looked around. And it was precisely because of these emotions all around that the concert was well worth seeing for me too.

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