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concert #61: pack @ concert hall | 02.10.2022

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concert #61: pack @ concert hall |  02.10.2022

brass band techno in a fine location like the Konzerthaus? an absolutely great idea!

i always heard from every nook and cranny that the group “pack“ would be a real live highlight. but i never managed to see them at a festival or concert. until this day: finally an appearance in the posh concert hall was planned, finally i could be there.

we had been given seats in the box, but from up there, to be there as a kind of onlooker at a mob concert, it was somehow not enough for us, too far away. so without further ado we asked if there was a possibility to switch to the standing room area, and we were lucky that we were granted this. and then we were right in the middle from the fourth number. suddenly we could really feel the songs, suddenly the light show was a spectacle, suddenly this whole concert was a completely wild techno party by a completely crazy horn group.

there were choreographies, but there was also wild confusion, sometimes the drummer was in the foreground to conjure up a real ecstasy, sometimes individual wind players pushed forward to give their instrument even more attention. the audience danced like crazy, including us. it was so gripping even though we didn’t know almost any of the songs.

but we all knew one song, one song stood out, namely the encore “you & me” – a disclosure cover. this song literally went through your whole body, it was really intense! the second encore “panda” was just to calm down, to realize what a good time we had.

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if there’s a chance to see “meute” in a festival setting again, i’m kinda there. as a single concert, the party was almost a bit too short for me – hardly warmed up, it was over again. so it’s better to be able to see and party at a festival than to have to go to bed afterwards. but otherwise I was very satisfied – it just could have been longer!

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