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concert #7: dermot kennedy @ gasometer | March 3, 2023

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concert #7: dermot kennedy @ gasometer |  March 3, 2023

slow songs adorned with a great stage: Dermot Kennedy was in the Gasometer.

The evening started quite unsatisfactorily: I wanted a support act “miya folick“I loved hearing it, but the audience felt the need to chat extremely loudly during their concert and so I was unable to really hear their music. Looking back, I’m a bit more angry because I streamed their music the next day and really like it. Do people really have to be so disrespectful and talk the whole time during a performance?

The main attraction of the evening was “dermot kennedy“ and fortunately the need for information from the concert guests present was now satisfied. But there was also a reason to keep your mouth shut and listen carefully and, above all, look: this stage was pretty stunning! A slanted mirror arch, exciting visuals and beautiful stage lighting made you amazed. has the gasometer seen something like this before? I don’t believe! “Power over me” was also a really good second song and I was optimistic about what was to come!

But a little later it became clear: it was really lucky for Dermot Kennedy that the stage was so breathtaking. It was a good distraction from him, who usually walked up and down on the stage or the mirrored catwalk in a somewhat rigid and immobile manner. He wasn’t graceful, but maybe that was just his outfit. His songs were delicate, especially in the first third, and they drifted towards blandness. Well, I only know a fraction of his songs and a little more exposure to the songs might have made the first third more palatable to me. But it was a bit tiring that one ballad followed the next. At least “Lost” was a little hymn in between, and maybe my theme song of the evening.

When the first very slow third was followed by two even slower songs on the piano, I was already making plans as to which drink with the most sugar I should buy to avoid falling asleep. Don’t get me wrong, I like his songs, but an overdose of “too slow” is quite tiring, especially when there is really no variety at all.

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There was actually the most variety in the form of paramedic missions: they went out three times to save people from the crowd. At one point, Dermot Kennedy even stopped singing so that the rescue workers could do their work in peace. as if it wasn’t quiet enough already…

But at some point everything got better again: namely from the song “Better Days”. in fact, from this song onwards he seemed a bit more awake, a bit more there. But that was probably also due to the increased tempo of the following songs. I had the feeling that in this last third one hit followed the next: “Homeward”, “Kiss Me”, “Outnumbered” and last but not least the loudly roared “Something to Someone” (yes, even with interaction!). Suddenly there was no longer dead silence in the room, but a really good mood. Why couldn’t Dermot Kennedy distribute such a good mood better throughout the set? why collected at the end? Maybe because you remember the end the most and then say that was a really good concert? no idea.

In any case, the tension was strange, everything was super slow, including the excessive number of rescue missions and the hits all at the end. The stage was really beautiful and the visuals and the light were a real dream. My conclusion at the end? It was ok anyway, but I still hope he brings more variety to the setlist on the next tour.

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