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Condé Nast magazines become global titles and the group returns to profit

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Condé Nast magazines become global titles and the group returns to profit

The digital revolution has claimed many victims in world publishing, but it has been – and continues to be – a great opportunity for rethinking and change. Fashion is an exemplary case, because it is among the most globalized industries and there is no country where digital tools have not transformed it, from e-commerce to communication, from distribution to publishing, in fact. Condé Nast, a group that, in fact, had never known periods of crisis, had to reinvent itself, like everyone else. The turnaround was entrusted in 2019 to Roger Lynch, who in less than two years brought the group back to profit and, perhaps, succeeded because he loves publishing, but comes from other worlds: Condé Nast needed, as often happens , of a look from the outside, however passionate.

Roger Lynch (photograph by Matthew Staver) 

“For many years the local editions of Condé Nast magazines have been a strength and a distinctive trait of the publishing house – explains Lynch -. But the world has changed very fast and we must all have a local and a global vision at the same time. Vogue America or Vogue Italia, in the print and online editions, will always have content designed for the American and Italian public, but at the same time we have created a real osmosis between the editions of all countries, thanks to an editorial team global, and the same goes for GQ, Wired and CN Traveller”.

Lynch is the first “global CEO” of Condé Nast and it is not just a matter of adjectives: before his arrival, each local branch had an independent editorial and management team. «We are all aware of the impact that the digital revolution has had on our lives, but it is more difficult for a company to understand how to exploit it to its advantage – underlines Lynch -. In two years we have hired over 300 people with various specializations and digital skills, because the substance and quality of the contents offered by Condé Nast does not change, but the ways in which we offer and sell them must change, adding new ones, always taking advantage of the digital ».

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Before arriving at Condé Nast, Lynch was CEO of Pandora and don’t think of Danish jewels, because it is the largest American music streaming platform. Before that, he had founded Sling TV, making it the number one service, also in the United States, for streaming sports and entertainment programs. It is therefore not surprising that under his leadership the Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE) division, based in New York, has become one of the largest American companies in the production of video content, conveyed on the group’s platforms and on YouTube. In 2021, the CNE produced over 4,000 videos and generated about 1.3 billion views per month.

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«Events such as the Vogue Met Gala Red Carpet or the Vanity Fair Oscar Party Red Carpet have broken all previous audience records – explains Lynch -. But we don’t just want to show the red carpets and “behind the scenes” of major fashion and entertainment events, it is important to create opportunities to involve people in the real world and this is what happened in New York in September with Vogue World, an event halfway between a fashion show, exclusive shopping and entertainment».

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