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confirmed date and time and what happens if there is a tie

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confirmed date and time and what happens if there is a tie

Super Rugby Americas reaches its decisive instances and this Friday the two semifinals of the competition will be played, with a sporting advantage for the teams that were best positioned in the qualifying phase table.

Peñarol from Uruguay kept the number 1 and will be the home of Yacare XV from Paraguay (fourth in the table), in a duel that will be played this Friday at the Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo, starting at 7:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, the other tie will be played in Córdoba between the two Argentine franchises. The local Dogos XV (second in the standings) will receive a visit from Pampas (third) at the Tala Rugby Club pitch, in Villa Warcalde, starting at 9:30 p.m.

Dogos XV and Pampas will meet on the Tala field for one of the semifinals. Duel between Argentine franchises. (Facundo Luque / File)

Both games will be televised by the ESPN Extra signal and via streaming through the Star+ platform. The broadcast will begin at 7:00 p.m.

In addition, the organization confirmed that there will be activities for those who will witness those matches at the Charrúa Stadium and in Tala, with entertainment before and after the matches, as well as gastronomic offers.

The winners of these matches will qualify for the grand final. The finalist team that has finished better in the standings will have the home team in their favor. That game that will determine the champion will be played on Friday, June 9.

What happens if there is a tie in the semifinals or the final?

Throughout the development of this Super Rugby Americas (and neither in its predecessor tournament, the American Rugby Super League) there was a draw in all the matches that were played. But it does not mean that this could happen in some of the semifinals or in the grand final of the SRA 2023.

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If that were to happen, the regulations provide for the way in which a winner will be determined. In addition to the enormous drama that should be experienced in this circumstance, it is also necessary to take into account what the regulations establish.

Dogos XV and Yacare XV, for the first date of Super Rugby Americas on the field of Tala RC.

If after the 80-minute match there is a tie in any of these last three matches of Super Rugby Americas 2023, two periods of 10 minutes each will be played, with sudden death. That is, whoever converts points first wins.

If equality persists, there will be a competition of five drops per team. If there is still no winner, there will be a technical tiebreaker.

Below are all the regulatory details to take into account in the event of equality in the result of the semifinals or final of Super Rugby America.

What the regulation says

5.5 Tied games. Tiebreaker system in playoff matches: For the semifinal matches and the final, if the Franchises finish tied at the end of the Match (regular time), then the winner will be determined by the following sequential criteria:

a) Extra times to sudden death. After a 5-minute interval, two 10-minute overtimes will be played for each side at sudden death (with a 5-minute interval) during these periods the first Team to score points will be declared the winner of the match. (sudden death).

Franchises must remain on the Playing Field. The Match Referee will do a coin toss during the 5-minute interval to determine the Team that will kick off half court and the direction of play.

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The Franchise captain who wins the raffle will opt for one of the following:

• Choose to kick off and therefore the other Team must choose the direction of play

• Choose the preferred direction of play and therefore the other Team must start.

b) Tiebreaker for drops. If at the end of the two times of 10 minutes to sudden death, the tie continues, a tiebreaker will be made by sudden death drops. Franchises will kick up to a maximum of five interspersed drop kicks.

All Players and Match Officials will remain on the Field of Play. The Match Official will call the captains of the two Franchises and organize a coin toss. The winner of the toss will choose which team kicks first. The penalties will be executed alternately by each one of the Franchises towards the same posts that will be determined by the Referee.

Each of the up to five (5) drop kicks will be executed by a different player, chosen by the Franchise captain from among the players who finished the match and who have been informed to the Referee before the start of the kick series.

Only players who were on the field of play at the end of the second sudden death overtime may participate in the drop kick competition. For the avoidance of doubt, no substituted Player (including due to injury and/or blood), expelled or temporarily suspended, who was not on the field of play at the end of the kicks, may not participate in the kicking competition at any time. periods of sudden death.

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The five players from each Franchise will take the drop kick from three different places, all of them on the 22-meter line, as follows:

• First place: directly in front of the posts.

• Second place: on the 15 meter line on the left side facing the posts.

• Third place: on the 15 meter line on the right side facing the posts.

• Fourth place: directly in front of the posts.

• Fifth Place: on the 15 meter line on the left side facing the posts.

c) If in the tiebreaker by drop kicks indicated in 5.5.b, the five drop kicks were executed by each team and the tie continues, the provisions below will apply, in relation to the Technical Tiebreaker.

5.6. Technical Tiebreaker. If the tie persists, the team that in the following order and successively, in that playoff game, will be declared the winner:

1. I would have scored more tries

2. I would have scored more conversions

3. I would have scored more penalties

4. I would have converted more drops

5. I would have had fewer red cards

6. I would have had fewer yellow cards

7. Would have scored the first try or penalty try

8. He would have scored the first drop

9. He would have converted the first penalty

10. The team that would have been ranked best in the general table of positions of the qualifying stage.

Dogos XV and Yacare XV, for the first date of Super Rugby Americas on the field of Tala RC.

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