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congratulate!Lin Chiling recovers 4 million extreme challenge notification fee

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 【congratulate! Lin Chiling recovers 4 million extreme challenge notice fee]

#林志玲寻回 4,000,000 Extreme Challenge Notice Fee#Recently, the second-instance civil judgment of Kashgar Yuanchun Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yukui Film and Television Culture Studio (general partnership) related to a performance contract dispute was published.

Relevant documents show that in July 2017, Yuanchun Company, as Party A, invited Party B’s artist Lin Zhiling as the guest of the third season of “Extreme Challenge” to participate in the recording of the 2nd phase of the program. The total cost was 4 million yuan, and the payment was premised by Party A before payment. You must receive a payment confirmation notice issued by Dragon TV to Party A, stamped by Dragon TV and signed by the person in charge.

After Hu Mou, an employee of Dragon TV, notified by email that Yuanchun Company could pay Yukui Studio the agreed payment of 4 million yuan, Yuanchun Company stated that it had not received the notice of confirmation by Dongfang Company, so it did not pay.

The court of first instance found that, as a third party, Dongfang Company had confirmed Yukui’s performance of the contract, so it supported Yukui Studio’s lawsuit requesting Yuanchun Company to pay the contract payment of 4 million yuan.

The result of the second instance judgment was to reject the appeal and uphold the original judgment.

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