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Coniferal takes line 40 with bus 0km

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Coniferal takes line 40 with bus 0km

From the first service this Thursday, brand new orange cars from the Coniferal company will begin to work on line 40 of the city of Córdoba, doubling the offer and improving frequencies for users of those buses that connect the Industrial Oeste neighborhood with Parque Liceo Second section. The Municipality assured that it is the first step in improving the benefits in the corridors that were managed by Ersa until March 1.

Without making much noise, Coniferal began to incorporate Mercedes Benz zero kilometer buses that, as they arrive in Córdoba, will allow it to take more corridors in the system. A dozen new cars have already arrived, in addition to other older ones, with which the private firm will offer 16 services to users of line 40.


Urban transport. Despite promises of improvements, complaints are growing on the lines that Ersa operated

Currently, on that trunk, there are only eight services of which a couple usually break. So the improvement for passengers will be substantial. “It is a sign of hope for those who use that line, after months of problems, they will get on a new bus and will have better frequency,” they remarked from Coniferal.

The Secretary of the Municipal Government, Rodrigo Fernández, highlighted that this action marks a break in the reality of the corridors that the state company Tamse has been in charge of since March, who recognize that they have serious problems regarding the lack of services.

“The first step was the investment of $900 million for the buses that we rented from Ersa, so that they pass the Technical Vehicle Inspection and are in driving condition,” explained the official in charge of the Mobility areas.

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Along the same lines, he reported that Coniferal is in a purchase plan for 100 units, which as they arrive in Córdoba will allow it to add more lines. It is expected that in the next two weeks lines 43 and 45 will be transferred, and then complete the entire corridor 4 with lines 41, 42 and 44.

As new cars continue to arrive, the entire corridor 7 will also be transferred. These changes also imply the transfer of the corresponding workers. By the 40th, 59 people passed.

Fernández also anticipated that Tamse will buy 50 new cars to be able to face runners 2 and 5, which will be in his charge.

“The arrival of the Coniferal buses also allows the buses that worked on that line to reinforce the other lines that have problems today,” added the official.

From the private company they explained that they start with corridor 4 for a logistical issue: the end of the line is in the same area where Coniferal has its headquarters, which facilitates the rapid deployment of the service.

Metropolitan Plan

Fernández stressed that the third step of this plan is the design, bidding and awarding of the new transportation system, which will be “metropolitan,” the official said. Fernández is also the president of the Metropolitan Entity, which will surely be in charge of implementing it.

It must be remembered that the current concessions in urban transport have expired, since the previous tender ended on March 1 and only Coniferal signed an extension. That is why it is expected that a new scheme will be designed and implemented, which is not only focused on the Capital but also reaches all of Greater Córdoba.

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