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Contemporary furniture and woody walls mark the 138 m² apartment

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Contemporary furniture and woody walls mark the 138 m² apartment

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Located in Pouso Alegre (MG), this apartment 138 m² signed by Leticia Nannetti (from the CASACOR São Paulo 2024 cast) was made for a couple who were moving from São Paulo to the interior. The property was already ready and the request to the architect was for a renovation and interior design project that would bring the personality of the residents to the environments.

– (Edson Ferreira/CASACOR)

“As the young couple was used to the high standard of housing in the capital of São Paulo, they mainly wanted to renew the finishes. Then, We invested in coverings and furniture that added value to the propertybut always looking for a light and practical look that matches their lifestyle”, says the professional.

– (Edson Ferreira/CASACOR)

Among the highlights of the project are the woody panels that cover the walls of the living room, bringing more coziness and, at the same time, camouflaging the access to the kitchen and intimate area, and the presence of furniture with contemporary design and works of art that bring points of color.

– (Edson Ferreira/CASACOR)

One of the bedrooms was also attached to the master suite to create a closet for the wife.

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