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Contestants Shine at Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital Final Review Roadshow with Passionate Pitches

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Contestants Shine at Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital Final Review Roadshow with Passionate Pitches

Contestants’ impassioned comments, judges’ warm comments

21 projects stand on the stage of Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital Final Review Roadshow

Yesterday, the 14th Beijing International Film Festival project venture capital final review roadshow opened at the Langyuan Station Punctual Theater. 21 incubating film projects went on stage for a day and a half and were inspected by professional judges and market representatives.

Shooting with IMAX cameras, filling the gaps in sports themes in commercial blockbusters with the main theme, using the “Fengshen Training Camp” method to train actors in a closed manner, summer release, business sponsorship in the sports industry… Screenwriter Qi Cheng showed full confidence as soon as he took the stage. A series of grand ideas stunned the audience. His project “Donghua Football Team” is adapted from real events and tells the story of the Donghua Football Team composed of Shanghai folk football enthusiasts in the 1930s, which defeated more than a dozen foreign football teams to win the Asian championship. “This is a youthful and passionate movie, and it is also a patriotic sports blockbuster that enhances cultural confidence.” Qi Cheng said.

Director Guan Jinpeng serves as the chairman of the venture capital jury and reviews projects with directors Dapeng, actor Liu Haoran, director Zeng Guoxiang, director Zhang Mo and other judges.

“Although it’s a bit overtime, we still want to say a little more. This subject matter is rare. I suggest you think about it and be fully prepared before doing it. Don’t jump into it easily.” Faced with the impassioned display of the contestants, Beijing Market Art Director Zhang Ji said bluntly. Director Guan Jinpeng serves as the chairman of the venture capital jury, and together with director Dapeng, actor Liu Haoran, director Zeng Guoxiang, and director Zhang Mo, they give professional and pertinent suggestions on the project.

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Dapeng believes that this script currently mainly focuses on the two protagonists, and the layout is slightly smaller. Liu Haoran pointed out that although the story of the film took place nearly 100 years ago, it feels more like an inspirational story in 2024, with a slight sense of jump. Guan Jinpeng expressed doubts about the 60 million yuan budget mentioned by Qi Cheng to create a Republican atmosphere. He shared his experience in filming the movie “Ruan Lingyu” and suggested that the main creator spend more time collecting information.

Compared with last year’s venture capital judges who were sharp and outspoken, this year’s judges’ style was much warmer. They gave more encouragement to the contestants while making suggestions. Screenwriter Zhang Ji, who served as a venture capital judge last year, became the art director of the Beijing Market this year. During the comment section of the road show, he took on the role of host and “named” other judges one by one to speak. Liu Haoran, who served as a venture capital judge for the first time, was extremely serious and took the initiative to communicate with other judges when he encountered a script that he did not understand. His reviews are as sharp and detailed as those of other directors and screenwriters. When judging scripts, Zeng Guoxiang is most concerned about whether they “touch people’s hearts.” When faced with scripts that touch him, he directly stated that he would communicate more with the players to see where he can help them. Dapeng, who is good at comedy, was the “atmosphere” of the audience, and his humorous and friendly speeches relieved the tension of many contestants.

This year, Beijing Film Festival Project Venture Capital received a total of 769 registered projects. After layers of selection, a total of 10 script projects, 6 projects in production, 2 sports projects and 3 Hong Kong, China sub-unit projects entered the final road show. These projects cover suspense, comedy, children, sports, history and other genres, and are richer and more diverse in terms of subject matter than in previous years. Project Venture Capital will ultimately select eight honors such as “Best Original Script Project”, “Project with Most Commercial Value” and “Project with Most Development Potential”, and organize face-to-face negotiations between project parties and industry guests and investors to ensure that these scripts are not only Get the credit, but actually write it into the shooting schedule.

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“The overall strength of Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital this year is very strong, and we couldn’t help but give a lot of suggestions, hoping to effectively help young creators and make their works better.” Zhang Ji said.

Among the contestants who took the stage to present their projects, some have been criminal lawyers for more than 20 years, some are screenwriters who graduated from art schools, and some are “super dads” who use movies to educate and accompany their three children. Although they have different backgrounds and majors, they all share a passion for movies and hope to use the Beijing Film Festival as a platform to make the leap from movie fans to practitioners.

“The theme of the Beijing market this year is ‘Refuse to flatter yourself and face the market’. We want to launch the film project in this way.” Tu Hailun, director of the project “The Adventures of Tu Guagua: The Lost Deer” that was shortlisted for the final road show, is already the first This is the second time he has participated in the Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital. Last year, his “The Cowardly Dragon” won two honors: “The Most Potential Creative Team” and “The Project with the Most Market Attention”. The film is expected to be released this year. For him, the Beijing Film Festival is a “blessed place” and the starting point of his film dream. (Reporter Yuan Yuner)

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