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Controversy Surrounding #MeToo Incident and Drug Party Allegations Involving Celebrities

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Controversy Surrounding #MeToo Incident and Drug Party Allegations Involving Celebrities

Title: Huang Zijiao’s #MeToo Accusations Against Celebrities Spark Controversy

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Source: China Times News Network

In a recent twist to the ongoing #MeToo movement in China, TV host Huang Zijiao found himself at the center of controversy after accusing several artists of engaging in drug-related activities. Among the implicated celebrities are the renowned sisters, Big S and Xiao S, along with Fan Xiaoxuan and A Ya. These allegations have caused a stir in the entertainment industry and ignited fervent discussions among the public.

During his apology, Huang Zijiao took the opportunity to reveal his black book, which contained incriminating information about thirteen artists, including the accused individuals. The revelation that these popular celebrities had allegedly participated in drug parties sent shockwaves throughout the public sphere. However, despite their vehement denials, no updates have been posted to the online community for over a week.

In a surprising turn of events, a netizen from Xiamen claimed to have spotted Xiao S on the evening of the 2nd. The netizen reported that Xiao S was accompanied by her daughter and several relatives and friends, appearing to be on a vacation. The release of these photos triggered mixed reactions among fans and netizens alike.

While some fans expressed happiness and excitement, commenting, “I can’t believe it! I’m going too,” and “Lily looks amazing, I really want to meet her,” others couldn’t help but express their dissatisfaction. Sour comments such as “Why isn’t she on the blacklist?” and “How dare she still come out? Shouldn’t she be blocked?” flooded the comment section. There were even suggestions to call the police and have her arrested.

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It is worth noting that Xiao S was previously implicated by Huang Zijiao, who accused her and her sister, Big S, Fan Xiaoxuan, and A Ya of being involved in drug-related activities. In his allegations, Huang Zijiao claimed that during a trip to Korea, the sisters forced him and “bald” Gu Junye, a person not further identified, to use drugs together at a restaurant. Huang Zijiao stated, “Gu Junye, with his imposing presence, forced me to partake in drugs against my will.”

In response to these allegations, the sisters swiftly issued a joint statement categorically denying their involvement. They refuted Huang Zijiao’s claims, asserting that Big S was not present at the alleged scene and emphasizing her aversion and inability to engage with drugs due to a pre-existing heart condition. The controversy surrounding this issue has sparked intense discussions on the internet.

As the public eagerly awaits updates, the veracity of Huang Zijiao’s accusations hangs in the balance. These unprecedented allegations against some of China’s most popular celebrities have not only tarnished their reputations but have also further intensified the ongoing conversation surrounding the #MeToo movement. The repercussions and possible legal implications of these claims remain uncertain, and the public eagerly anticipates further developments in this controversy.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are based on available information from public sources and should be treated as allegations until further verified.

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