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CONVERSE CHUCK 70 season new color smart debut everything can be played well

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CONVERSE CHUCK 70 season new color smart debut everything can be played well




Barista/Motorcycle and Enthusiast – King Insurance

“Brown exists like a ‘base’ role. It is a real and steady self. Whether it is dressing or drinking, it can present different visual or taste effects through different blends.” In Barista and Motorcycle In the eyes of lover Wang Xian, brown is the best portrayal of her real life, breaking the limits of life and constantly challenging the unknown road ahead. Wearing the light and comfortable milk coffee brown Chuck 70, Wang Xian seeks inner peace from the complicated life.



Florist – Nate

“Green is my favorite color when I create, it gives me a sense of vitality, nature and health – nature is our best colorist.” Plants and flowers are the source of inspiration for florist Nate, Vibrant green is his constant source of energy. Wearing the vibrant natural green Chuck 70, Nate brings infinite vitality to life.



DJ – Jo

“Blue is deep and calming. When creating, blue gives me a quiet power that makes me more focused on the music.” For DJ Jo, every frame of life can be a time of creation of a flash of light. Music full of changes, as inclusive and full of tension as blue. Wearing the low-key and versatile rhythmic blue Chuck 70, Jo composes a new movement of life with music.



The founder of clothing trend – Sumeng asu

“Films and paintings contain rich colors, and I often look for inspiration from them. I like vibrant pink, it’s cute and lively, and dreamy and girly.” Asu, the founder of clothing trend, often draws from the rich colors contained in movies and paintings Taking inspiration, the pink in her eyes is synonymous with cute, lively and dreamy girls. Put on Chuck 70, a romantic and free fantasy powder, and Su Meng builds her own childhood dreamland in life.

To capture every bit of inspiration and find the easter eggs of life, Converse and Cabana, a new retail brand focusing on global design furniture, launched a limited-time exhibition installation called “Playing the Colors” to feel the inspiration for our daily life. For more details, please follow Converse’s official WeChat applet and Cabana’s official account.

When: July 1, 2022 – July 17, 2022, 10am to 9:30pm

Exhibition location: No. 2, Lane 298, Anfu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, Cabana Drama Center Store, Anfu Road

*Due to the epidemic, visitors must present a negative nucleic acid report within 72 hours. The specific exhibition time and capacity will be determined and adjusted according to the applicable epidemic prevention policy.

Converse will continue to launch more new color schemes for the Chuck 70 season. Please follow Converse to find the inspiration at your fingertips and create your own colorful life gameplay.

The suggested retail price of Converse Chuck 70 new color matching is RMB 549-599. It will be available on Converse.com.cn official website, Converse official WeChat applet, Converse Tmall flagship store, Converse Douyin official flagship from July 1, 2022 Store, Converse JD.com official flagship store, Converse Beijing Wangfujing store, Converse Beijing Sanlitun Taikoo Li store, Converse Hunan Changsha Huangxing North Road flagship store, Converse Zhejiang Hangzhou Wulin 546 store, Converse Sichuan Chengdu Jinjiang District Yinshi Plaza store Store, Converse Chengdu Taikoo Li Store in Sichuan, Converse Chongqing Jiefangbei Xinhua International Store, Converse Guangdong Shenzhen Nanshan Mixc World Store and other designated stores will be on sale one after another. Please contact the store for specific sales rules. For more details, please follow the brand’s official website Converse.com.cn, the official Weibo account “CONVERSE China” and Converse’s official WeChat applet.

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About Converse (CONVERSE)

Converse Inc., headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NIKE. Founded in 1908, Converse was a rubber company at the time, and the launch of its first canvas basketball shoe propelled it to become a classic of the original brand of global youth culture. Today, Converse is a socially progressive and highly creative footwear and apparel brand, supported by an emerging community of creatives who advocate for the advancement of sports and culture, whom we call All Stars. Converse’s interpretations of its iconic Chuck Taylor All Star, Pro Leather, One Star and Jack Purcell sneakers allow for a continued expression of basketball, skateboarding and creative communities, while inspiring its design of new product lines.

Converse official website: Converse.com.cn

Converse Sina Weibo: CONVERSE China

Converse Official WeChat: CONVERSE China

Converse Little Red Book: Converse

Converse TikTok: CONVERSE China

Converse Tmall flagship store: converse.tmall.com

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