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Córdoba: a judicial orderly was sentenced for asking for money

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Córdoba: a judicial orderly was sentenced for asking for money

the headquarters of courts 2 de Córdoba continues to be shocked by the money orders to favor the situation of a defendant, with the excuse that the official or magistrate handling the case will be influenced. Besides three arrested in recent weeksa trial was recently held for which another orderly who requested gifts to make a “management” to the victim of a crime was sentenced.

This is the case of a person who was an employee of the maestranza area, Martín Tofino (47), who, in October 2020, made “negotiations” so that a woman who had had her computer stolen could recover it after the kidnapping that the Justice had carried out on the perpetrators of the crime.

Tofino carried out a very practical procedure for his “client”, a victim who wanted to recover her notebook and for which she had to pay 10,800 pesos. In reality, it was 10,000 pesos, plus another 900 pesos, for different items, according to the Justice.

While there are most formal offices, officials and procedures in Courts 2, the impunity with which this ordinance moved, who came to carry out some very “curious” practices to give overtones of seriousness to his management, is surprising.

To begin with, he informed his victim that he had to allocate 10,000 pesos to pay a lawyer. What were the remaining 800 pesos for? According to what he learned at trial, those 900 pesos were to buy two dozen sandwiches for those who had custody of the electronic device.

But not all the “bureaucracy” was exhausted in these formalities.

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What was aired in the debate held in the 6th Crime Chamber of Córdoba is that Tofino had a “book” with receipts that he gave to his client and in which the “service” provided was recorded. What’s more, the receipt was signed by Tofino himself and had his ID number.

Prosecutor Martín Berger made the accusation in this trial and reached an agreement with the defense to impose a suspended sentence of six months in prison.

In addition, the most significant thing is that the agent who confessed to the crime ended up being fired as an employee of the Judiciary.

Beyond the confession that allowed the trial process to be shortened, there was abundant evidence in the case, such as the telephone communications with WhatsApp chats between Tofino and his “client”, the “receipt” and other elements that the investigators had collected.

Those arrested this year

As has been reported in recent weeks, there has been a commotion in Courts 2 since the district attorney for District 1 Turn 2 of Córdoba, Guillermo González, arrested three ordinances related -at least- to a “management” for the release of a detainee who was at the disposal of the Judge of Execution Cristóbal Laje Ros.

When the magistrate received the detainee’s wife and heard that she was asking him how much she should pay for her husband to go free, Laje Ros accompanied the woman to make the complaint that ended with the arrest of the orderly Sergio Guerrero, a dependent at the service of the Chamber 4th Crime.

Instructor.  Prosecutor Guillermo González is in charge of the three new cases of ordinances arrested.  (The Voice / File)

A few days later, the arrest of Pablo Esnaola, another orderly who reported to the Court of Control and Misdemeanors of the 5th Shift, in addition to the two Family Violence consultancies, became known. Some 10 more days passed and González made the third arrest, in this case of Carlos Daniel Moreno, another Maestranza employee who was working in the District Attorney’s Office 1, Shift 6. The three were well known in Courts 2.

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They are charged with the crime of “fraud, under the pretext of alleged remuneration to judges or other public employees.”

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