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Cosmic people went to Hualien to shoot the MV and praised the director for his travel as a “script” | MV Director | Zoe | Blue You

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[Epoch Times January 10, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Taiwanese band “Universal Man” released a new song “Blue You” at the end of last year. In the new year, they are in full swing preparing for their fifth album. As the progress came to an end, they took time to go to Hualien to shoot the MV, and the three days and two nights itinerary made them linger.

In order to record their most natural and true state in “The Blue You”, MV director Zoe replaced the script with a travel itinerary, letting Fang Q admire: “The director is like a tour guide, leading us on a 3-day and 2 night itinerary!”

Cosmic lead singer Xiaoyu, guitarist Akui, and bassist Fang Q have not met for a long time to travel. They revealed that most of them traveled together because of work. Xiaoyu shared: “The last time was probably at the end of 2019 before the epidemic. At that time, we went to Japan on a tour. This time it was two years and three people together, but they were still working!”

The Taiwanese Orchestra “Universal Man” will take time to shoot the MV for the new song “Blue You” in Hualien at the beginning of 2022. (Provided by Encounter Music)

In the name of work, the people of the universe are full of laughter every day. In order to prepare the roast suckling pig, Xiaoyu, who claimed to be from the Scout Army, was responsible for making the fire, and the imperial drummer Xiaopang was responsible for cooking the dishes. Everyone also turned a campfire to make Akui feel quite fresh.

“The first experience of campfire is the most unforgettable for me. These are things that the city can’t experience. I have been by the campfire for 2 nights and feel very comfortable!” Akui said excitedly.

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Xiaoyu smiled and said, “I remember he kept picking firewood and making up for firewood!”

The playful Fang Q accidentally wetted his shoes when he stepped on the waves, and said funnyly, “I’m responsible for baking the shoes.”

The homestay they stayed in had a piano, and each also brought equipment to improvise. Fang Q said, “In fact, I didn’t want to come back on the last day because we got used to living, and we have created a place where we can record. A few days will be great!” The three people also seriously considered making music at the hotel in the future, which will spark more sparks.

Speaking of the progress of the new album, Xiaoyu first sells it and only reveals: “The fifth album will be a healing album, including some of our feelings after the epidemic has settled, and I think the creation of the members , Recording, singing, arranging, etc. Everyone has reached a different level.”

More than 4 years after the last album, Akui said with a smile: “At this time college students have graduated! But we all feel the expectations of our fans, so in addition to the album, the concert is also in preparation, looking forward to bringing See you at the concert for the new album!”

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